20 Largest Cities in Europe

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Europe is the Continent, covered 10,180,000 km² of Area with a population of around 746 million. Europe is home to well-known countries including the UK, Spain Germany, and Italy are in Europe. The Continent is located above the equator that holds most of the cities climate colder and pleasant. The cities are rich, modern, and with a high Human Development Index (HDI).

Istanbul is the largest city in Europe has 1.3 million inhabitants, is located in Turkey. Russia is the largest country in the world, and a transcontinental country shares lands with Asia and Europe (Eurasia). Here. Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and other cities of Russia are included.

Istanbul city in Turkey, Image by Şinasi Müldür from Pixabay


CountryOfficial population
1Moscow Russia17,693,000
2Istanbul Turkey15,311,000
3London United Kingdom11,120,000
4Saint Petersburg Russia4,879,566
5Berlin Germany3,748,148
6Madrid Spain3,223,334
7Kiev Ukraine2,950,800
8Rome Italy2,844,750
9Bucharest Romania2,155,240
10Paris France11,027,000
12Vienna Austria1,921,153
13Hamburg Germany1,899,160
14Warsaw Poland1,793,579
15Budapest Hungary1,768,073
16Barcelona Spain1,636,762
17Munich Germany1,471,508
18Kharkiv Ukraine1,451,132
19Milan Italy1,404,239
20Belgrade Serbia1,397,939

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