List of Major Cities in Europe

Europe is the Continent, covered 10,180,000 km² of Area with population around 739 million, Richest Countries takes place here including UK, Spain Germany, Italy and several countries. The Continent located on above the equator that keeps most of the cities climate colder and pleasant, as developed countries the cities fulfilled with many modern buildings and Technology. Russia is the largest country in the world that shares some part with Asia and Europe (Eurasia) indeed we included Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities of Russia in list as that part of Europe. Istanbul is the largest city in Europe has 1.3 million inhabitants, is located in Turkey.


CountryEurostat population (2004)Official population
1Istanbul Turkey13624240
2Moscow Russia11689048
3London United Kingdom7,429,2008,174,000
4Saint Petersburg Russia4,879,566
5Berlin Germany3,387,8283,499,879
6Madrid Spain3,228,3193,284,110
7Kiev Ukraine2,785,100
8Rome Italy2,553,8732777979
9Paris France2,181,3742203817
10Baku Azerbaijan2,064,900


12Hamburg Germany1,734,8301,796,077
13Budapest Hungary1,695,8141733685
14Vienna Austria1,598,6261730278
15Warsaw Poland1,716,8551720398
16Bucharest Romania1,927,4481677985
17Barcelona Spain1,621,5371621537
18Kharkiv Ukraine1,470,000
19Yekaterinburg Russia1,350,136
20Munich Germany1,249,1761353186
21Milan Italy1,299,4391338436
22Prague Czech Republic1,290,8461290846
23Nizhny Novgorod Russia1,250,615
24Sofia Bulgaria1,138,9501204685
25Samara Russia1,164,896
26Belgrade Serbia1154589
27Kazan Russia1,143,546
28Chelyabinsk Russia1,130,273
29Yerevan Armenia1,121,900
30Tbilisi Georgia1,106,000
31Rostov-on-Don Russia1,089,851
32Ufa Russia1,062,300
33Brussels[37] Belgium999,8991048491
34Volgograd Russia1,021,244
35Birmingham United Kingdom992,4001016800
36Dnipropetrovsk[40] Ukraine1007200
37Odessa Ukraine1003705
38Cologne Germany969,7091000298

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