22 Largest Lakes in Europe

Europe is a little continent located above the equator, with hundreds of small natural lakes made by snowy mountains. Northern, Western, Eastern, and Southern Europe are the four regional divisions of the continent. Because a big portion of Russia borders Europe, there are several huge lakes in Russia. Many big lakes, including reservoirs, natural lakes, and sub-basins, can be found throughout Northern and Eastern Europe, including the largest lakes mentioned below. The following is a list of the biggest lakes in terms of surface area.

Image by etvse from Pixabay
RankNameCountryArea (Sq km)
1Ladoga Russia17,700
2Onega Russia9,894
3Kuybyshev Russia6,450
4Vanern Sweden5,655
5Rybinsk Russia4,580
6Saimaa Finland4,377
7Peipus Estonia, Russia3,555
8Tsimlyansk Russia2,702
9Kremenchuk Ukraine2,250
10Kakhovka Ukraine2,155
11Vattern Sweden1,893
12Saratov Russia1,831
13Gorky Russia1,591
14Suur-Saimaa Finland1,377
15Beloye Russia1,290
16Vygozero Russia1,250
17Malaren Sweden1,140
18IJsselmeer Netherlands1,100
19Paijanne Finland1,081
20Inari Finland1,040
21Kiev Ukraine992
22Topozero Russia986

Interesting Facts:

  • Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe and the 14th largest in the World. (located in the north-western part of Russia).
  • Finland and Russia are home to several of Europe’s biggest lakes.
  • Vanern, the largest lake in Sweden and the European Union.
  • Europe dotted by thousands of lakes and reservoirs.
  • Many of the natural lakes were formed between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago.
  • Northern Europe’s ice is the primary source of water for many lakes.
  • Lakes cover around 5% to 10% of the total surface area of Norway, Sweden, and Finland, respectively.
  • Many natural lakes can be found in central European mountain ranges.
  • Lakes in lowlands are often bigger, whereas lakes at high altitude are typically smaller.
  • The largest lake in Finland is Saimaa, while the deepest is Paijanne.
  • Peipus is the largest lake in Estonia.
  • IJsselmeer, the largest lake in the Netherlands and Western Europe.

Largest Lakes in the Regional division of Europe.

  1. Eastern Europe: Ladoga, Onega, Beloye, Vygozero, Topozero, Ilmen, Sevan, Segozero, Imandra
  2. Northern Europe: Vanern, Saimaa, Peipus, Vattern, Malaren, Paijanne, Inari, Pielinen, Oulujarvi
  3. Western Europe: IJsselmeer, Markermeer, Geneva, Constance, Neusiedi, Neuchatel
  4. Southern Europe: Scutari, Garda, Ohrid, Grea Prespa, Derdap, Alqueva, Maggiore, Mar Menor
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