World’s Highest Banana-Producing Countries

The banana is a popular fruit that is commonly used in cooking and consumed raw. It is a fruit that is widely farmed throughout Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Bananas are pleasant and nutritious fruits that are available in a vast array of flavours, sizes, and hues. Bananas are locally cultivated and marketed since they can no longer be stored for an extended period. The production of bananas worldwide surpasses 148 million metric tonnes.

With an estimated 30 million metric tonnes produced annually, mostly from cultivation in the southern regions of the country, India is the world’s top producer of bananas.

The Philippines, China, Ecuador, Indonesia, and India are the top banana-producing countries in the world, with India producing more bananas than China, the Philippines, and Ecuador put together. After rice, wheat, and maize, bananas represent the fourth most produced food and the most widely consumed fruit globally. Among the leading countries that export bananas are Ecuador, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Colombia. An estimated 17 million metric tonnes of bananas are exported each year (dry bananas may be included in trade numbers).

RankCountryProduction (millions of tonnes)Production Value
7United Republic of Tanzania3.2$885,401,000
12Costa Rica1.9$531,472,000
15Viet Nam1.5$429,044,000
19Papua New Guinea1$253,467,000

Facts about major producer of bananas


  • The Cavendish banana is the most commonly grown cultivar in India.
  • Bananas are crucial to small-scale producers for both money and nourishment.
  • In India, bananas are eaten fresh, cooked in dishes, and used as desserts.
  • Banana leaves are used as plates or meal wrappers in some areas.
  • Bananas represent prosperity and fertility in Indian culture.
  • India exports bananas to the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia.


  • Most of China’s bananas are imported from Southeast Asia.
  • China’s banana sector is worth more than $3 billion and is expanding year after year.
  • In Chinese culture, bananas are considered a symbol of good luck.
  • Bananas are often used as snacks, sweets, and in traditional Chinese meals.
  • The popular Chinese fruit company, Dole Food Company, has a significant presence in China.


  • Bananas are responsible for the country’s banana exports and are considered a very popular product in world markets.
  • The Philippines is currently one of the largest banana-exporting countries in the world.
  • The banana industry is one of the pillars of the Philippine economy, as thousands of farmers and workers rely on it for their livelihoods.
  • Aside from Cavendish, the country also produces other banana varieties such as Lakatan, Saba, Latundan, and native bananas that are mostly consumed locally.
  • Importance is also, of course, culturally attached by the Philippines culture to bananas as part of generally staple foods and foodstuffs for cuisine, such as “banana cue” and “turon or turon de plantain, for instance.

Note: The production volume varies based on weather conditions, market demand, and crop yield.

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