List of Largest Cities in United Kingdom


Capital: London
Languages: English, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Scots, Ulster Scots
Area: 243, 619 Square KM
Population: 62,262,000 (2010 Census)
GDP (PPP): 2,316 Billion Dollar
Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)
United Kingdom is a Sovereign State in the North-Western of Europe Continent the country has many tiny Islands. UK is one of the Richest Countries in the World has many Multinational Companies with several Branches worldwide. The Cities in the Country Developed Economically and Modernized, There are hundreds of Cities and Towns here we have listed only 20 which are largest in total Population. London is the Capital of UK and largest in the Country with population of 8.2 million. The Cities rushed with modern facilities such as Modern transportation, Health Cares, Automotive, Architectures, and Engineering. United Kingdom‘s Urban Area expanding by their development in Economy and Competition. London is the most populated City and main financial center in UK and World for Business. The Largest Cities in United Kingdom listed below with useful details.

RankCity NamePopulationUrban area
1London8,278,251Greater London Urban Area
2Birmingham2,284,093West Midlands Urban Area
3Manchester2,240,230Greater Manchester Urban Area
4Leeds1,499,465West Yorkshire Urban Area
5Glasgow1,199,629Greater Glasgow
7Liverpool816,216Liverpool Urban Area
8Nottingham666,358Nottingham Urban Area
9Sheffield640,720Sheffield Urban Area
10Belfast579,554Belfast Metropolitan Urban Area
11Bristol551,066Bristol Urban Area
13Portsmouth442,252Portsmouth Urban Area
14Leicester441,213Leicester Urban Area
16Bournemouth383,713South East Dorset conurbation
17Reading369,804Reading/Wokingham Urban Area
19Stoke-on-Trent362,403The Potteries Urban Area
20Coventry336,452Coventry/Bedworth Urban Area

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