20 Top Crop and Food Productions of United States

Every country in the world needs agriculture on particular crops where people like to eat foods that made from crops like Maize, wheat, Rice and other major crops. The United States is the largest country with the fair population and the country owns enough land to grow crops. Maize is the largest Crop production in America with an annual output of 313 million metric tons worth over US$26 billion, the usage of the products made by the maize increased. The consumption of a variety of foods in the country including cow milk and soybeans productions raised highly. The modern technology included to produce all kind of crops for faster quality output. The below data of the productions are referred the official sources with latest updates.

Maize Cob

RankCrops and Food itemsProduction (MT)Value (Int $1000)
2Cow Milk89015235$27,642,437,000
6Indigenous Chicken Meat26214010$1,127,569,000
8Indigenous Cattle Meat17114000$24,377,301,000
9Indigenous Pigmeat12526070$4,629,185,000
10Rice, paddy11322700$30,586,870,000
13Hen eggs, in shell8078480$1,561,231,000
15Lettuce and chicory5447100$346,704,000
16Maize, green5415600$4,491,639,000
17Cotton lint4871580$234,847,000
18Indigenous Turkey Meat4275108$1,808,003,000
20Almonds, with shell3684530$1,524,729,000
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