25 Largest lakes in the United States

The United States of America boasts an extensive array of lakes, encompassing freshwater and saltwater, both of natural and artificial origins. These lakes have been classified based on their surface area and water volume and are inhabited by a profusion of fish and marine species, each possessing distinct attributes.

With an expanse of 82,103 square kilometers, Lake Superior proudly holds the title of the largest lake in the United States as well as the largest freshwater lake globally. On the other hand, Lake Huron, with a surface area of 59,570 square kilometers, claims to be the second-largest lake in the country. The list comprises lakes that are of both artificial and natural origin.

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RankNameBasin StateArea (km2)
1Lake SuperiorMichigan-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Ontario82,103
2Lake HuronMichigan-Ontario59,570
3Lake MichiganIllinois-Indiana-Michigan-Wisconsin57,757
4Lake ErieMichigan-New York-Ohio-Ontario-Pennsylvania25,667
5Lake OntarioNew York-Ontario19,011
6Great Salt Lake (salt)Utah5,483
7Lake of the WoodsManitoba-Minnesota-Ontario3,846
8Iliamna LakeAlaska2,626
9Lake Oahe (man-made)North Dakota-South Dakota1,774
10Lake OkeechobeeFlorida1,715
11Lake Pontchartrain (salt)Louisiana1,634
12Lake Sakakawea (man-made)North Dakota1,347
13Lake ChamplainNew York-Vermont-Quebec1,269
14Becharof LakeAlaska1,173
15Lake St. ClairMichigan - Ontario1,140
16Red LakeMinnesota1,106
17Selawik LakeAlaska1,046
18Fort Peck Lake (man-made)Montana1,018
19Salton Sea (salt)California899
20Rainy LakeMinnesota-Ontario894
21Devils LakeNorth Dakota777
22Toledo Bend Reservoir (man-made)Louisiana-Texas736
23Lake Powell (man-made)Arizona-Utah650
24Kentucky Lake (man-made)Kentucky-Tennessee647
25Lake Mead (man-made)Arizona-Nevada640

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