25 Largest lakes in the United States

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Several freshwater and saltwater lakes, both natural and man-made, can be found in the United States of America. The lakes are rated according to their surface area and water volume. Lakes are home to a diverse array of fish and marine species, each with its own distinct features.

Lake Superior is the largest lake in the USA, with a surface area of 82,103 square kilometers, while Lake Huron is the country’s second-largest lake, with a surface size of 59,570 square kilometers. The list includes both man-made and natural lakes, as well as saltwater lakes.

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RankNameBasin StateArea (km2)
1Lake SuperiorMichigan-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Ontario82,103
2Lake HuronMichigan-Ontario59,570
3Lake MichiganIllinois-Indiana-Michigan-Wisconsin57,757
4Lake ErieMichigan-New York-Ohio-Ontario-Pennsylvania25,667
5Lake OntarioNew York-Ontario19,011
6Great Salt Lake (salt)Utah5,483
7Lake of the WoodsManitoba-Minnesota-Ontario3,846
8Iliamna LakeAlaska2,626
9Lake Oahe (man-made)North Dakota-South Dakota1,774
10Lake OkeechobeeFlorida1,715
11Lake Pontchartrain (salt)Louisiana1,634
12Lake Sakakawea (man-made)North Dakota1,347
13Lake ChamplainNew York-Vermont-Quebec1,269
14Becharof LakeAlaska1,173
15Lake St. ClairMichigan - Ontario1,140
16Red LakeMinnesota1,106
17Selawik LakeAlaska1,046
18Fort Peck Lake (man-made)Montana1,018
19Salton Sea (salt)California899
20Rainy LakeMinnesota-Ontario894
21Devils LakeNorth Dakota777
22Toledo Bend Reservoir (man-made)Louisiana-Texas736
23Lake Powell (man-made)Arizona-Utah650
24Kentucky Lake (man-made)Kentucky-Tennessee647
25Lake Mead (man-made)Arizona-Nevada640

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