25 States by Most Billionaires in the United States

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Over 400 billionaires live in the United States, a developed country with the highest number of billionaires in the world. The states having the largest corporations and other industries include California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Illinois. It exports IT-related services and devices, engineering services, and various branded items to many nations. With 85 billionaires, California is the state with the most billionaires.

Cities in the United States are the economic hub for domestic and foreign enterprises, New York and Texas states ranking second and third with 67 and 44 billionaires, respectively.

Image by Elizabeth Budd from Pixabay
RankStatesNo. of billionaires
1 California160
2 New York114
3 Texas60
4 Florida58
16 Massachusetts20
5 Illinois17
20 Georgia5
6 Connecticut12
11 Washington12
12 Pennsylvania12
9 Nevada11
18 Arizona11
15 Maryland10
13 Colorado8
7 Tennessee8
8 Wisconsin8
10 Michigan7
19 New Jersey7
17 Virginia7
21 Ohio6
25 Missouri6
14 Oklohoma6
22 Wyoming5
23 Arkanas5
24 Montona4

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