The Rise of Organic Farming in NSW (New South Wales)

We are living in the age of global connectivity, which brings with it many benefits; The information age means we all have access to important content, and that has resulted in a large percentage of the population moving toward healthier food consumption. Let’s be honest here, it seems that processed foods are not as healthy as the media might have us believe and the global surge for a healthier lifestyle has pushed fresh organic produce to the top of the list.

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Market forces

At the end of the day, it is the market that decides what products sell and what products do not sell, and with so many people looking for organic fruit and vegetables, there are more small organic farms being set up here in NSW (New South Wales). Luckily, there is Agrifarm NSW, a leading Australian supplier of quality agricultural equipment, where small farm owners can acquire the essential equipment they need to manage their business.

Fertile land

New South Wales has the most fertile land in Australia, with regions in Hunter Valley being prime land for organic farming; this is reflected in the rise of land prices in this region. The sale of such land is expected to begin in 2024, and experts predict this will continue, as more independent farms are set up to grow organic produce. 

Greenhouse farming

The majority of organic farms use greenhouses, as the yield is much higher, and you can control the climate in such an environment. Hydroponics is growing in popularity, which is the act of growing produce without using soil as a medium; Crops are grown quicker using hydroponics, making this system a very attractive proposition. Organic farms are springing up all over NSW, which is a sign of the way the market is transforming.

Direct marketing

Growers no longer sell to large conglomerates, preferring instead to sell directly to the public via their website. This cuts out the middleman, so to speak, and that allows farmers to offer their produce at affordable prices. Google can take you to such websites and if you want a weekly delivery of organic produce, solutions are there. An organic farmer would join forces with a local digital marketing agency to help them get their message out there, which is the best solution for a small private enterprise.

Natural fertilisers

The whole point of organic farming is to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and there are many natural fertilisers that Aussie farmers use. Research has finally revealed that processed foods are not as healthy as advertised and after a few years of disseminating the truth, people are now much more educated about the food that they consume than they were. Many Australian families only consume organic food and the number is rising.

Does this mean the end of processed foods?

Not at all, yet it will force manufacturers to use healthier additives in their products and this has to be good for everyone. Healthier food means a healthier population and this current sway to natural foods (and medication) might be the start of an organic revolution. If the global consumer is educated and does not want to consume certain foods, the manufacturers have no choice but to change their products to attract the consumer.

Exodus of city people

More and more urban professionals are making the move to a rural lifestyle and setting up an organic farm is a great way to finance a new lifestyle. Write a business plan if you are interested in making a life-changing move and getting into organic farming; This will tell you whether the project is feasible and if all looks good, start looking at land.

Back to nature

There are many positives to be taken from this shift in consumer behavior: you can change your life for the better and start growing natural fruit and vegetables; you wouldn’t be the first city dweller to do this and you certainly won’t be the last! You will feel so much better working with the soil, with clean air and a natural way of life; you can find leading suppliers of agricultural equipment and products to keep your farming operation going. There are local companies that support the organic farming community, ensuring they are always producing, harvesting and sending out produce.

Rising land prices

As you would expect, land prices in farming areas of NSW is rising because of the high demand. Smallholdings of a few acres are popping up everywhere, as more people see the business opportunity in producing organic fruit and vegetables. The sooner you crunch the numbers, the better; selling your urban home should give you enough capital to set up a small farm with 4–5 greenhouses.

The current trend for healthy food is not likely to wane, which means there are opportunities for rural entrepreneurs.

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