World’s Largest Apricots Producing Countries

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Apricot is the edible fruit, Mediterranean climates are best to grow apricots, rich in vitamin and protein, is one of the fruit cultivated in cool places. The fruit cultivated around the world where the climate meets its requirements to grow. Turkey produces around 676,000 Tonnes of Apricots in the year 2011 and kept its position in growing Apricots, Iran, Uzbekistan, Algeria, and Italy are the countries producing apricots in high volume for its demand in the local market.

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

RankCountryProduction Quantity (in Tonnes)Production Value
1Turkey676,138$38 million
2Iran (Islamic Republic of)452,988$25 million
3Uzbekistan356,000$19.5 million
4Algeria285,897$16 million
5Italy263,132$14.5 million
6Pakistan189,420$10.5 million
7Morocco159,124$8.7 million
8France155,124$8.5 million
9Ukraine119,900$6.6 million
10Japan106,900$6 million
11Egypt96,643$5.3 million
12Spain86,880$4.7 million
13Greece82,800$4.5 million
14Syrian Arab Republic75,919$4 million
15United States of America60,464$3.3 million
16Russian Federation60,000$3.3 million
17South Africa57,421$3 million
18Afghanistan56,043$3 million
19China, mainland46,000$2.5 million
20China, Taiwan Province of42,010$2.3 million

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