World’s Highest Natural Gas Exports Countries

Natural Gas is found in particular regions, and they’re exporting to other countries who need it. Trillions of cubic meters of the proven natural gas reserve on earth. Natural gas utilized in industrial, Transportation, Residential, and other small and medium scale companies.

Russia exports 203 billion cubic meters of Natural Gas as estimated in the year 2011, and many natural gas reserved countries exporting gas to their neighboring countries. The following countries are exporting Natural Gas to other countries.

RankCountriesCubic MetersYear
1Russia203,900,000,0002011 est.
2Norway98,300,000,0002011 est.
3Qatar94,900,000,0002010 est.
4European Union93,750,000,0002010 est.
5Canada92,720,000,0002011 est.
6Algeria55,790,000,0002010 est.
7Netherlands54,800,000,0002011 est.
8United States42,670,000,0002011 est.
9Indonesia41,250,000,0002010 est.
10Turkmenistan34,500,000,0002011 est.
11Malaysia31,990,000,0002010 est.
12Australia25,530,000,0002011 est.
13Nigeria24,020,000,0002010 est.
14Trinidad and Tobago20,380,000,0002010 est.
15Germany19,740,000,0002011 est.
16United Kingdom16,690,000,0002011 est.
17Egypt15,170,000,0002010 est.
18Uzbekistan14,400,000,0002010 est.
19Bolivia11,720,000,0002010 est.
20Oman11,490,000,0002010 est.
21Libya9,970,000,0002010 est.
22Brunei8,830,000,0002010 est.
23Burma8,810,000,0002010 est.
24Iran8,420,000,0002010 est.
25Kazakhstan8,100,000,0002011 est.
26United Arab Emirates7,650,000,0002010 est.
27Azerbaijan6,755,000,0002010 est.
28Yemen5,480,000,0002010 est.
29France5,378,000,0002011 est.
30Equatorial Guinea5,160,000,0002010 est.
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