List of Largest Oil Refineries in India

Oil Refineries are the prime units to separate crude oil into different products. India is one of the largest oil importers. Hundreds of Refineries found in India, below mentioned are Major Refineries designed to hold the maximum of the total oil imports. The Coastal cities of India have major refineries and transport to other cities or towns of India. Jamnagar Refinery is the largest Oil Refinery in India and also in the World with daily production of 1.24 million barrels and it is owned by Reliance Industries, located in Gujarat.

Refineries NameCompanies NameProduction (barrels per day)Production (m3/d)Location
Jamnagar RefineryReliance Industries1,240,000197,000Gujarat
Essar RefineryEssar Oil406,00064,500Gujarat
Mangalore RefineryMangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited199,00031,600Karnataka
Kochi RefineryBharat Petroleum190,00030,000Kerala
Chennai RefineryIndian Oil Corporation185,00029400Tamilnadu
Mathura RefineryIndian Oil Corporation156,00024,800Uttar Pradesh
Paradip RefineryIndian Oil Corporation150,00024,000Odisha
Visakhapatnam RefineryHindustan Petroleum150,00024,000Andhra Pradesh
Mumbai Refinery mahaulBharat Petroleum135,00021,500Maharashtra
Cuddalore RefineryNagarjuna Oil Corporation125,00019,900Tamilnadu
Bina RefineryBharat Oman Refinery Ltd.116,00018,400Madhya Pradesh
Haldia RefineryIndian Oil Corporation116,00018,400West Bengal
Mumbai RefineryHindustan Petroleum107,00017,000Maharashtra
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