20 Largest Natural Gas Fields in the World

Natural Gas is a hydrocarbon gas mixture that prevents energy shortages for Industries and residence. Many developed countries supply Natural Gas to residence and small businesses for daily purposes. The earth holds a massive amount of Natural Gas reserves. The Middle East and Russia contain some of the largest natural gas fields. Natural Gas production is found everywhere except in many African Countries.

The South Pars/North Dome is the largest Natural Gas field in the world with recoverable reserves of 1,235×1012 cubic feet, located between Iran and Qatar sea. Urengoy and Yamburg are the second and third largest Natural Gas fields situated in Russia with 222×1012 and 238×1012 Cubic feet respectively.

Image by Ratfink1973 from Pixabay

List of World’s Largest Natural Gas Fields

RankField NameCountryRecoverable reserves
Cubic feet)
1South Pars/North DomeIran and Qatar1,235×1012 cu ft
2UrengoyRussia222×1012 cu ft
3YamburgRussia138×1012 cu ft
4Hassi R’MelAlgeria123×1012 cu ft
5ShtokmanRussia110×1012 cu ft
6South Iolotan–OsmanTurkmenistan98×1012 cu ft
7ZapolyarnoyeRussia95×1012 cu ft
8HugotonUSA (TX-OK-KS)81×1012 cu ft
9GroningenNetherlands73×1012 cu ft
10BovanenkoRussia70×1012 cu ft
11MedvezhyeRussia68×1012 cu ft
12North ParsIran48×1012 cu ft
13Dauletabad-DonmezTurkmenistan99×1012 cu ft
14KarachaganakKazakhstan46×1012 cu ft
15KishIran45×1012 cu ft
16OrenburgRussia45×1012 cu ft
17KharsaveyRussia42×1012 cu ft
18Shah DenizAzerbaijan42×1012 cu ft
19GolshanIran30×1012 cu ft
20TabnakIran22×1012 cu ft

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