20 Largest Natural Gas Fields in the World

South Pars North DomeNatural Gas is the source that solves energy shortages for Industries and residence, many developed countries provides Natural Gas to every residence and small business for daily purpose. The earth holds massive amount of Natural Gas reserves. Middle East and Russia contains some of the largest natural gas fields. The Natural Gas production found everywhere except many African Countries. The South Pars/North Dome is the largest Natural Gas field in the world with recoverable reserves of 1,235×1012 cubic feet, located between Iran and Qatar sea. Urengoy and Yamburg are the second and third largest Natural Gas fields situated in Russia with 222×1012 and 238×1012cubic feet respectively.

List of World’s Largest Natural Gas Fields

Rank Field name Country Recoverable reserves (Cubic feet)
1 South Pars/North Dome Iran and Qatar 1,235×1012 cu ft
2 Urengoy Russia 222×1012 cu ft
3 Yamburg Russia 138×1012 cu ft
4 Hassi R’Mel Algeria 123×1012 cu ft
5 Shtokman Russia 110×1012 cu ft
6 South Iolotan–Osman Turkmenistan 98×1012 cu ft
7 Zapolyarnoye Russia 95×1012 cu ft
8 Hugoton USA (TX-OK-KS) 81×1012 cu ft
9 Groningen Netherlands 73×1012 cu ft
10 Bovanenko Russia 70×1012 cu ft
11 Medvezhye Russia 68×1012 cu ft
12 North Pars Iran 48×1012 cu ft
13 Dauletabad-Donmez Turkmenistan 99×1012 cu ft
14 Karachaganak Kazakhstan 46×1012 cu ft
15 Kish Iran 45×1012 cu ft
16 Orenburg Russia 45×1012 cu ft
17 Kharsavey Russia 42×1012 cu ft
18 Shah Deniz Azerbaijan 42×1012 cu ft
19 Golshan Iran 30×1012 cu ft
20 Tabnak Iran 22×1012 cu ft
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