List of Major Oil Refineries in Argentina

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Argentina, the eighth-largest nation in the world, is a South American nation. In comparison to other income sources, oil does not generate much money. Argentina has refineries to separate the crude oil that it buys from other significant oil-reserve nations. The largest oil refinery, La Plata, produces 189,000 barrels of oil daily. The second and third largest refineries, producing 110,000 and 105,500 barrels per day, respectively, are the Buenos Aires and Lujan de Cuyo refineries.

List of Major Oil Refineries in Argentina

RankRefinery NameCompanyCapacity
1    La Plata Refinery  YPF189,000 bbl/d
2    Buenos Aires RefineryRoyal Dutch Shell110,000 bbl/d
3    Lujan de Cuyo Refinery  YPF105,500 bbl/d
4    Esso Campana Refinery ExxonMobil84,500 bbl/d
5    San Lorenzo Refinery Refisan S.A38,000 bbl/d
6    Plaza Huincul Refinery YPF25,000 bbl/d
7    Campo Duran Refinery Refinor32,000 bbl/d
8    Bahia Blanca RefineryPetrobras28,975 bbl/d

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