List of Largest Oil Refineries in Africa

Africa is a continent rich in natural diversity and holds resources such as Oil and Gas, some countries have begun extracting their petroleum reserves. There are many unexplored reserves of Oil that are in undeveloped countries. The Oil refineries are adopted by major national and international companies in Africa. Africa’s major oil-reserved countries, including South Africa, Egypt, and Libya, are home to many of the world’s largest oil refinery plants.

Skikda is the largest Oil refinery in Africa with daily production of 356,500 barrels, located in Algeria and operated by Sonatrach Company.

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RankRefinery NameLocationCompanyCapacity
1Skikda RefineryAlgeriaSonatrach356,500 bbl/d
2Ra's Lanuf RefineryLibyaNOC220,000 bbl/d
3Port Harcourt RefineryNigeriaNNPC210,000 bbl/d
4Cairo Mostorod RefineryEgyptEGPC142,000 bbl/d
5El Nasr RefineryEgyptEGPC132,000 bbl/d
6Mohammedia RefineryMoroccoSAMIR127,000 bbl/d
7Dakar Refinery SenegalSAR 127,000 bbl/d
8Warri RefineryNigeria(NNPC125,000 bbl/d
9Sapref Refinery (Shell & BP South African Petroleum Refineries)South AfricaSapref125,000 bbl/d
10Sasol Refinery (CTL)South AfricaSasol125,000 bbl/d
11Engen Refinery (Enref)South AfricaPetronas122,000 bbl/d
12Zawiya RefineryLibyaNOC120,000 bbl/d
13Alexandria El Mex RefineryEgyptEGPC117,000 bbl/d
14Alexandria MIDOR RefineryEgyptEGPC100,000 bbl/d
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