Top 10 Cotton Producing Countries in the World

Cotton is one of the important fibers used to make clothes and a number of textile products. Cotton has a history of about 7000 years. It was cultivated by many civilizations. There are four types of cotton commonly producing, is Gossypium hirsutum, Gossypium barbadense, Gossypium arboretum, and Gossypium herbaceum. The fabric-like Cambric, Corduroy, Denim, Seersucker, and Terrycloth are made from cotton. Cotton is measured in ‘Bales’, a Bale equal to 480 pounds. The estimated global production is about 25 million tons.

China is the largest producer of cotton in the world. India continues to farm as the demand increases. The cotton was cultivated in 50,000 hectares in 2002, and it increased to 8.4 million hectares in 2009. The total area of cultivation is about 9.6 million hectares in India.

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1. China

China is the world leader in Cotton Production, and China is the largest populated country makes it more demand cotton, it is also the largest importer and consumer of cotton. The total Cotton Production of the country is about 33 million bales.

2. India

Cotton Industry in India is Huge and is recognized as the birthplace of the cotton industry, believed it has about 3000 years of history, it is also named for Finest and Beautiful cotton fabrics. The cultivated area is larger than in China. The total cotton production is around 27.0 million bales per year

3. USA

The USA is the largest country and using the modern way of cultivation in hundreds of hectares, it is also importing cotton from major cotton-producing countries. American farmers are cultivating cotton in the modern view with the machinery. The Production of cotton is about 18.0 million bales per year.

4. Pakistan

Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of cotton in the world, also one of the largest exporters and consumers. The Production was done by small farmers, with over 1.4 million farmers depending on cotton as their income and cultivating in over 3 million hectares of land. Pakistan produces about 10.3 million bales of cotton per year.

5. Brazil

Brazil is a large exporter of Agriculture Productions and Cotton is one of the largest cultivating Crops in the Country with Production of 9.3 million bales per year.

6. Uzbekistan

Europe is the major buyer for Uzbekistan, also the third-largest exporter in the world, Uzbekistan most of the cotton production done by small farmers and organically. The production is about 4.6 million bales of cotton per year.

7. Australia

Australia farmers were the world’s first to see the possible bioengineering. Australia has the best GDP and the farmers using modern technology to cultivate Cotton. Production is about 4.2 million bales of cotton per year.

8. Turkey

Turkish cotton industry has made way to the development of local improvements, infrastructure and founded hundreds of textile firm. It exports quality cotton and Production is about 2.8 million bales of cotton per year.

9. Turkmenstan

Cotton is one of the main income sources of the country and the industries related to cotton are developed well since cotton cultivation improved. Turkmenistan is producing about 1.6 million bales of cotton per year.

10. Greece

Cotton cultivation has a long story in Greece, it exports cotton and production of cotton to other countries. The land in Greece is suitable for cotton cultivation, and the farmers using modern technology to cultivate cotton, the production of cotton is about 1.4 million bales per year.

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