World’s Highest Cotton Producing Countries

Cotton is one of the important fibers used to make clothes and a number of textile products. Cotton has a history of about 7000 years. Many civilizations have developed it. There are four types of cotton commonly produced: Gossypium hirsutum, Gossypium barbadense, Gossypium arboretum, and Gossypium herbaceum.

Fabrics like Cambric, Corduroy, Denim, Seersucker, and Terrycloth are made from cotton. Cotton is measured in a Bale equal to 480 pounds. The estimated global production is about 25 million tons. China is the largest producer of cotton in the world.

India is the second largest producer of cotton and cultivating it due to rising demand. The area of cotton cultivation expanded from 50,000 hectares in 2002 to 8.4 million hectares in 2009. In India, approximately 9.6 million hectares are dedicated to cotton cultivation.

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1. China

China leads the world in cotton production, and because it has far more people, there is a greater demand for cotton there. China is also the world’s biggest importer and consumer of cotton. About 29 million bales of cotton are produced nationwide.

2. India

India has a major cotton industry and is known as the origin of the cotton business. It is thought that India has a history of over 3000 years, and it is also known for its finest and most exquisite cotton products. Compared to China, there is a larger cultivable area. 28 million bales of cotton are produced annually.

3. USA

The USA is the world’s largest country, and it also imports cotton from major cotton-producing nations, growing over hundreds of hectares. American farmers grow cotton using machinery and sophisticated technology. 18.0 million bales of cotton are produced annually.

4. Brazil

Brazil is a major exporter of agricultural products, and cotton is one of the most important farming crops in the country, producing around 10.9 million bales every year.

5. Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the largest producers, exporters, and consumers of cotton in the world, ranking fourth overall. Small farmers, who farmed on more than 3 million hectares of land, and over 1.4 million farmers depend on cotton farming. Each year, Pakistan produces roughly 10.3 million cotton bales.

6. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, the third-largest exporter in the world, has a sizable market in Europe. The majority of cotton in Uzbekistan is grown organically by small farmers. An estimated 4.6 million bales of cotton are produced annually.

7. Australia

Farmers in Australia were the first in the world to recognise the potential of bioengineering. Australia has a good GDP, and the cotton farmers make good use of technology. About 4.2 million cotton bales are produced annually.

8. Turkey

The Turkish cotton industry is big, supported by the government, and has created a lot of jobs . It generates over 2.8 million bales of cotton annually, exports cotton of the highest quality.

9. Turkmenstan

Cotton is one of the country’s key sources of wealth, and cotton-related companies have grown rapidly since cotton farming improved. Turkmenistan produces around 1.6 million bales of cotton per year.

10. Greece

Cotton agriculture has a long history in Greece; the country exports cotton and cotton products to other nations. The soil in Greece is suited for cotton cultivation, and farmers employ contemporary equipment to plant cotton; annual cotton production is around 1.4 million bales.

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