List of Oil Fields in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest oil exporters and holds the largest oil reserve in the world after Venezuela with over 265,400 MMbbl. Saudi Arabia owns 5 major Oil Fields, the Ghawar Field is the largest in the world measuring 280 by 30 kilometers.

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Ghawar Field

Location: Al-Ahsa, Eastern Province
Producing formations: Upper/Middle Jurassic, Upper/Lower Permian, Lower Devonian
Discovery: 1948
Operator: Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Government Oil Company)
This Oilfield is started Production in 1951 and produces 5,000,000 barrels per day of oil and 2 billion cubic feet of gas per day, an estimated 71,000 million barrels of oil reserve in this Ghawar Field. This is the largest Conventional Oilfield in the World, is Subdivided into five Production Areas within 280 by 30 Km.

Khurais Oil Field

The Khurais is an Oilfield, with an area of 2,890 km² and 127 km long, located around 250 km southwest of Dhahran and 300 km north southeast of Riyadh, the new project began in 2006 and produces about 1.5 million barrels of Oil. The first production of oil began in 1963, the project hired Top companies for drill and refineries.

Qatif Project and Abu Safah field

Location: Qatif, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Operator: Saudi Aramco
Oil Production: 800,000 barrels per day Crude Oil (500,000 Barrels from Qatif and 300,000 barrels from Abu Safah field)
Gas Production: 370 million Cubic feet per day of Natural Gas
Hydrocarbon Condensate: 40,000 barrels per Day
Sulfur: 1,800 metric tons of Sulfur per day
Qatif is the largest Crude Production facility in the World, has the latest technology.

Safaniya Oil Field

Headquarter: Dhahran, Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia
Operator: Saudi Aramco
Discovery: 1951
Star of Production: 1957
Current Production of Oil: 1,200,000 barrels per day
Estimated Oil Reserve: 37,000 million barrels.
Estimated Gas Reserve: 5,360×109 cubic feet
It is located about 265 km north of the Dhahran, covered 50 by 15 kilometers, is the largest offshore oil field in the world.

Shaybah Oil Field

Location: Shaybah in the region Rub’al Khali, 10 km from Abu Dhabi
Operator: Saudi Aramco
Discovery, Development, and Start of Production: 1998
Production of oil: 1,000,000 barrels per day
Estimated oil Reserve: 14,000 million barrels
Estimated gas Reserve:
710×109 m3
It is an Onshore Oil field located on the northern edge of the Rub’ Al Khali desert.

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