World’s Largest Tea Producing Countries

Tea is an aromatic beverage that is often served in hot and it is popular in Asian nations. Annual global tea output exceeds 4 million tons. China is the greatest producer of tea, with over 1.6 million tons produced, followed by India and Kenya, which are the second and third largest producers of tea, respectively. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations generates the production data.

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MT= Metric Tons

China flag

1. China

Production: 2.8 Million MT/Year

China is the world’s top producer of tea, and its citizens consume it on a daily basis. Tea is more popular in China than coffee. Tea is widely consumed by the Chinese people.

India Flag large

2. India

Production: 1.4 Million MT/Year

Coffee and tea are both prominent in Indian culture. In North India, tea is popular, whilst in South India, coffee is popular.

3. Kenya

Production: 500,000 MT/Year

Kenyans drink tea as their favorite beverage, with tea production somewhat balanced since 2006. Kenya’s primary commercial crop is tea.

4. Srilanka

Production: 375,000 MT/Year

Sri Lanka is a small island country with a modest population. The 4th largest tea grower and major exporter have been in high demand from the Middle East.

5. Turkey

Production: 240,000 MT/Year

6. Vietnam

Production: 230,000 MT/Year

7. Indonesia

Production: 200,000 MT/Year

8. Iran

Production: 170,000 MT/Year

9. Argentina

Production: 110,000 MT/Year

10. Japan

Production: 85,000 MT/Year

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