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Largest Tea Producing Countries in the World

Tea is an aromatic beverage, that commonly utilizing in Asian countries as a hot served drink. The total world tea production is over 4 million tons annually. China is the largest producer of tea with a production of about 1.6 million tons and India and Kenya are the second and third largest producer of tea respectively. The data of the Productions are generated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations. The Production volume shows in tonnes.

Image by Ranjith Siji from Pixabay

MT= Metric Tons

China flag

1. China

Production: 2.8 Million MT/Year

China is the leading producer of Tea, the people use it regularly, Tea is more popular than Coffee in China. Chinese population consumes Tea regularly.

India Flag large

2. India

Production: 1.4 Million MT/Year

Both Coffee and Tea are popular with the Indian culture. Tea is popular in North India while Coffee is famous in South India.

3. Kenya

Production: 500,000 MT/Year

Kenyan consumes Tea as their favourite beverage, the production of the tea slightly balancing from 2006. The Tea is the major commercial crop in Kenya.

4. Srilanka

Production: 375,000 MT/Year

Srilanka is a Island country moderate population. 4th largest producer of Tea and leading exporter, has demand from middle east.

5. Turkey

Production: 240,000 MT/Year

6. Vietnam

Production: 230,000 MT/Year

7. Indonesia

Production: 200,000 MT/Year

8. Iran

Production: 170,000 MT/Year

9. Argentina

Production: 110,000 MT/Year

10. Japan

Production: 85,000 MT/Year

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