7 Beautiful Ghats (Mountain Ranges) in India

India is a land of beautiful Ghat with endemic flora and fauna weaved with green plantations and splendid waterfalls. Major part of the rainy Ghat land masses spread in Karnataka and Kerala states. Here is a list of some destinations tourists can visit to explore the best Ghats of India

1. Anamudi Ghat, Kerala

 Anamudi is the highest peak in the Western Ghats and South India located in Kerala, India. Anamudi is also named ‘Elephants forehead’ because Anamudi peak is the home of Asia’s largest surviving Asian Elephant population. This mountain Ghats is famous for its structure which is like an elephant’s head. This peak is also considered the highest point of the Perilya river basin.

Anamudi Peak is surrounded by beautiful wands, evergreen shrubs, or elegant small trees, this shrub keeps changing its size and shape of leaves which is incredible to see. The most eye-catching feature of this peak is its Neola koradji flowers that blossom only once in 12 years. It paints the complete valley with its vibrant purple-colored flowers. Visitors, trekkers, and adventurers will have the best time visiting this peak in the ethical season. Anamudi Peak is not just a place with dense green glens but with many other things.

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2. Coonoor Ghat, Tamil Nadu

Coonoor Ghat is located in the heart of the Nilgiris Mountain, located near Ooty. It is one of the most beautiful and visited hill stations in South India. This Ghat is also known as the Kallar Ghat, as it is situated in the valley of the Kallar and your rivers.  Coonoor is draped in solitude. There are many shoal forests and trekking routes. It is also best for road trips, roadways there are roaming roads cuddling the hills with a spectacular view of tea plantations. The birds here are endemic and visitors can cite the wildlife as well. This is a perfect place for everyday rush and activity. Visitors always surprise by its mesmerizing beauty.

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3. Madikeri Ghat, Karnataka

Madikeri Ghat is an alluring hill-town in Southern India. Madikeri Ghat has a tropical ridge climate. It has its artistic heritage which is unusual and filled with wealthy traditions. This Ghat is so beautiful that it is also known as the ‘Scotland of India’. It is an incredibly beautiful plantation. It has the fragrance of tea and coffee plantations. The visitors are ingrain with its magnificent waterfalls. Unusual flora and fauna can also be seen there. Its scenery and pristine vegetation invite tourists all over the world. 

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4. Amboli Ghat, Maharashtra

Amboli Ghat is one of the most beautiful Ghats in Maharashtra. Amboli is also known as the Cherrapunji of Maharashtra. The key features of Amboli Ghat are enormous rains; incredible waterfalls, dense wildernesses, and a wide variety of biodiversity are found in Amboli Ghat. The major attraction here is the Amboli Waterfalls. It is located in Amboli Ghat on the Kolhapur-Goa highway. In Amboli Ghat there is a point named Shirgaonkar where can enjoy during the monsoon season. The dramatic view of the full valley from this point is spiritual. 

Even different species of serpents, amphibians, different types of fungi, and the state butterfly of Maharashtra can be seen in Amboli Ghat. Amboli Ghat is one of the most famous tourist places. Many travelers visit Amboli Ghat to see the stunning waterfall. Also, many places near Amboli attract visitors.

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5. Valparai, Tamil Nadu 

Valparai Western Ghat is located in the Anamalai Mountains of Tamil Nadu. It is surrounded by evergreen tropical forests and tea plantations. These mountains inhabit the high spans of open terrain, ridges, and grass-covered hills in the southern Western Ghats. Valparai Ghat is popularly called the seventh heaven in Tamil Nadu. It is a hill station and a hotspot of biodiversity and plantation all whirled into one. Major portions of the Valparaiso Ghat are owned by private tea companies. 

The new tigers, elephants, and leopards roam around in these mountains. Valparai Ghat is also vibrant in birds, very rare species of the great hornbill can be found here and seasonal migrant birds such as the grey wagtail are also found. There are many wildlife destinations around Valparai as it is situated on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

6. Chorla Ghat, Goa

Chorla Ghat is located on the junction borders of Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra. It lies to the northeast of Goa and a part of the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri mountain range. It is one of Western Ghats’s best-kept secrets. The Chorla Ghat is home to endemic birds and butterflies. Visitors love to bird-watch there or simply soak themselves in the enormous beauty of nature. There are many cascades around the area which can turn out to be a perfect spot to click pictures or just roam around. The Ghat amasses a few rare species of wildlife like the barred wolf snake in its sub-tropical forest. The facility for nature conservation has been established near the ghat to stimulate research and monitor the activities in the Western Ghats and their biodiversity.

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7. Agumbe Ghat, Karnataka

Agumbe is a beautiful Ghat located in Shimoga district, Karnataka, India. It is curled up with the Malenadu region of the Western Ghats. Agumbe Ghat receives a very high amount of rainfall, so it is nickname “The Cherrapunji of South India”. Cherrapunji is one of the rainiest places in India. Agumbe Ghat bestows beautiful scenery and expediency for trekking. Also, there are waterfalls in the Agumbe Ghat like Barkana Fall, Onake Abbi Fall, Jogigundi Fall, and Koodlu Theertha Fall. 

Agumbe Ghat is a dense, wet, tropical evergreen ecosystem with a high phase of biodiversity. Agumbe Ghat is a popular destination for bird watchers and photographers. Many endemic birds like Malabar trogon, the Yellow-browed bulbul, and Sri Lankan frogmouths are found there. In Agumbe Ghat ancient, Agumbe Venugopalakrishna Hindu temple is situated which an old structure is known for magnificent architecture and tranquillity. An annual fair is conducted each year in February in the temple. Tourist usually visits Agumbe Ghat to visit the terrific annual fair. Tourist comes to this Ghat to view the stunning Sunset View Point on the roadways of Udupi-Agumbe Road. The sunset is discerned over the Arabian Sea, which makes it look more beautiful.

Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Now, pack your bag and plan your beautiful and adventurous trips to the Ghats of India. Visitors will love the mist of mountains, trees converge, and the surrounding of the Ghat. Everyone should once explore the Ghats of India. Surely, they will have a wonderful time in their life.

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