10 Best Adventure Experiences at the Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

India is home to a number of wildlife sanctuaries and nature parks. Visiting these is always exciting, especially for animal lovers, nature-buffs, and bird admirers. To make it all the more interesting add some adventure to the outing the next time you visit one. The experience will be all the more thrilling and enthralling. Here are some ideas on how to make the escapade exhilarating.

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10. Mukurthi National Park

The experience of a visit to a wildlife sanctuary clubbed with fishing activity will be pretty amazing. The presence of plenty of streams and rivulets inside this park allows you such a sojourn that is full of astounding fun. While indulging in this don’t forget to have a view of the charming topography or to spot some rare animals.

9. Gir National Park

A jeep safari is the best way to go sight a majestic lion on its prowl. A ride in the open jeep allows you a wondrous vision of the spectacular surroundings and the green and vivid foliage too. The alleys of Gir national park are the abode of the Wild Ass, Spotted Deer, Sambar, reptiles, and plenty of avian fauna.

8. Bandhavgarh National Park

Go hiking onto the hilltop in the middle of the park and get a marvelous birding opportunity. Don’t miss to view the scenic vista of the abounding greenery around. Looking about you may detect some rare animals like leopard, wild boar, sloth bear, and more in their natural habitat. If Bandhavgarh national park is not akin to adventure then what is?

7. Dandeli National Park

A blissful experience is awaiting you at Dandeli National Park. The evergreen forest cover has a captivating landscape that includes, deep river valleys, wilderness on the sloppy hilly terrains, picturesque ravines, jungle creatures, charismatic vegetation, and the Syntheri Rocks. Opting for the boat safari you can have a mesmeric view of the alpine faunal and floral elements here.

Dandeli National Park

6. Hemis National Park

Viewing the wild animals while trekking in hillocks in the open forest gets exposed to the gentle slopes of the Himalayas. Spot the snow leopard, Asiatic Ibex, Tibetan wolf, and more at Hemis national park. The splendid view of the verdant green juniper and birch trees amidst the snow-white peaks and deep valleys and ravines is refreshing and calming.

Snow Leopard, Image by Marcel Langthim from Pixabay

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5. Desert National Park

A camel safari across the parts of Jaisalmer through the sand dunes stretch and Enroute glimpsing the desert national park will be an awe-inspiring experience. This adventure trip will let you spot some fauna like the Chinkara, Khejra, Great Indian Bustard, migratory birds, and the like thriving in the harsh conditions of the seeming wasteland full of scrubby thorns.

4. Kambalakonda Wild Life Sanctuary

A must-visit eco-center to observe the plants and animals in their natural habitat. How about some adventure on this junket? Book an ethnic cottage at the site here for an overnight camping experience to get the feel of the primitive lifestyle and also to detect some wild creatures going on their nightly prey sojourn.

3. Borivali National Park

Unusually situated amidst the urban limits the rippling green lands of the park allows a city dweller to retreat to some moments of quietness. Why not cycle your way as an alternative to walking the stretch to view the panoramic view of the valleys, lakes, hills, and the vegetation and the beasts that have made this expanse their home.

2. Jim Corbett National Park

This oldest tiger reserve is home to several kinds of plants, animals, and birds. A naturist in you will appreciate a visit to Jim Corbett. Instead of walking the whole area and getting tired a canter ride would seem delightful. As it is places around the park you can enjoy the serenity along with sighting the flora and fauna.

1. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Sighting a Bengal tiger may be your main aim yet the thrill of sighting other wild animals, birds, plants, and trees housed here will be no less. Add more zest to the jaunt by touring the park on an elephant’s back. Perched atop the striding pachyderm viewing the beauty of the park will be a spine-tingling experience.

Incorporating adventure during a trip to the national park is sure to increase your fun quotient so just give it a try. Won’t you?

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