Largest Tea Producing Countries in the World

Tea is the aromatic beverage, that commonly using in Asian countries and famous drink as coffee. The total world tea production is annually around 4 million tons. China is the largest producer of tea with production of about 1.6 million tons and India and Kenya are the second and third highest production countries in the world. The data of the Productions are generated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations in 2012. The Production volume shows in tons by 10 top tea producing countries.

List of Highest Tea Producing Countries in the world

RankCountriesProduction (In Tons per year)
1 China1,640,310
2 India1,063,500
3 Kenya377,912
4 Sri Lanka327,500
5 Turkey221,600
6 Vietnam206,600
7 Iran162,517
8 Indonesia142,400
9 Argentina96,572
10 Japan82,100