Largest Cocoa Bean Producing Countries in the World

cocoa beansCocoa bean is the fully fermented fatty bean is used for many healthy foods, more than 3 million tons of cocoa are produced each year globally. The production of the Cocoa is increasing constantly that about 3% per year. Netherlands, United states, UK and other countries imports highest amount of cocoa to make chocolates. Cocoa and its products are used worldwide and African region is producing highest cocoa that around 2.5 million tons is about 70% of the total production of cocoa in the world. Cote d’lvoire is the highest producer of Cocoa beans of 1.23 million tons that about 34.7% of world production.

List of Highest Producer of Cocoa by Countries

RankCountryAmount producedPercentage of world production
1Cote d’Ivoire 1.23 million tons34.70%
2Ghana 746 thousand tons20.60%
3Indonesia 489 thousand tons13.80%
4Cameroon 220 thousand tons5.90%
5Nigeria 210 thousand tons5.90%
6Brazil 165 thousand tons4.70%
7Ecuador 130 thousand tons3.70%
8Malaysia 32 thousand tons0.90%

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