List of Major Cities in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, and the country’s population is estimated to be over 26 million, according to a recent census done by the Afghan Central Statistics Office. There are numerous minor cities and towns in Afghanistan. Kabul is the largest city, with a population of 3,071,400 according to recent statistics. Kandahar, the second-largest city in Afghanistan with a population of 468,200 people, and Herat, the third-largest city, are substantially smaller than Kabul.

Kabul city in Afghanistan, Photo by Farid Ershad on Unsplash
RankCity NameProvinceDistrictPopulationYearElevation (meters)
1KabulKabul18 Disricts3,071,40020111,791
3HeartHeart Province-397,4562006920
4Mazar-i-SharifBalkh ProvinceMazar-e Sharif District375,0002006357
5KunduzKunduz ProvinceKunduz District230,6002006391
6JalalabadNangarhar Province-205,4232007575
7Lashkar GahHelmand ProvinceLashkar Gah district201,5462006773
8TaloqanTakhar ProvinceTaluqan District196,4002006876
9Puli KhumriBaghlan ProvincePuli Khumri District191,6402006635
10KhostKhost ProvinceKhost District160,2142006-
11GhazniGhazni ProvinceGhazni District154,61820072,219
12SheberghanJowzjan Province-148,3292006250
13Sar-e PolSar-e Pol ProvinceSar-e Pol District136,000200688
14FarahFarah Province-109,4092004650

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