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List of Major Cities in Afghanistan on Population

Kabul AfghanistanAfghanistan is one of the Poorest Countries in the World, and Covered with the War and Violence, the population in the country was about around 26 million conducted by the Afghan Central Statistics Office that census occurred recently. There are many small Cities and Towns, Kabul is the Largest City in Afghanistan and that has a population 3,071,400 as of recent survey, other cities are very smaller than Kabul that Kandahar which is the second largest with a population of 468,200, and Herat is the third largest. The estimates are from a 2006 survey by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development of Afghanistan.

The Following 14 Major Cities of Afghanistan are ranked in the list on total Population of the Cities.

RankCity NameProvinceDistrictPopulationYearElevation (meters)
1KabulKabul18 Disricts3,071,40020111,791
3HeartHeart Province-397,4562006920
4Mazar-i-SharifBalkh ProvinceMazar-e Sharif District375,0002006357
5KunduzKunduz ProvinceKunduz District230,6002006391
6JalalabadNangarhar Province-205,4232007575
7Lashkar GahHelmand ProvinceLashkar Gah district201,5462006773
8TaloqanTakhar ProvinceTaluqan District196,4002006876
9Puli KhumriBaghlan ProvincePuli Khumri District191,6402006635
10KhostKhost ProvinceKhost District160,2142006-
11GhazniGhazni ProvinceGhazni District154,61820072,219
12SheberghanJowzjan Province-148,3292006250
13Sar-e PolSar-e Pol ProvinceSar-e Pol District136,000200688
14FarahFarah Province-109,4092004650
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