List of Major Arabic Language Spoken Countries

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Arabic is one of the widely Spoken languages, often in the north part of Africa and the middle east about 290 million native speakers in the world. This is the official and co-official language of many countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Arabic is one of the main languages of the Islamic world, the writing system of Arabic is in the Arabic alphabet, Arabic Braille, Syriac alphabet (Garshuni), Hebrew alphabet (Judaeo-Arabic), Greek alphabet (Cypriot Maronite Arabic). The Arabic language family comes from Afro-Asiatic, the language officially speaking in 27 countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

List of official Arabic Speaking Countries

Arabic Language Script

CountryNative SpeakersInfluenceOther main language spoken
Algeria 34,895,000Official
Bahrain 807,000Official
Chad 10,329,208Co-official languageFrench
Comoros 691,000Co-official languageFrench and Comorian
Djibouti 864,000Co-official languageFrench
Egypt 79,089,650Official
Eritrea 5,224,000Co-official languageEnglish and Tigrinya
Iraq 31,234,000Co-official languageKurdish
Israel 7,653,600Co-official languageHebrew
Jordan 6,407,085Official
Kuwait 3,566,437Official
Lebanon 4,224,000Official
Libya 6,420,000Official
Mauritania 3,291,000Official
Morocco 32,200,000Co-official languageBerber
Oman 2,845,000Official
Palestine 4,260,636Official
Qatar 1,696,563Official
Saudi Arabia 25,731,776Official
Somalia 9,359,000Co-official languageSomali
Sudan 43,939,598Co-official languageEnglish
Syria 22,505,000Official
Tunisia 10,432,500Official
United Arab Emirates 4,975,593Official
Yemen 23,580,000Official

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