List of Largest Cities in Serbia

Situated in Europe, Serbia covers an expanse of 88,361 square kilometers and is home to a population of 7.12 million people. The country features numerous cities and towns, with ‘Belgrade’ serving as the capital and largest city. In its urban area, Belgrade boasts a population of 1,154,000, while the municipal circle encompasses 1,639,000 residents. Serbs constitute 82 percent of the population in Serbian cities, with the remaining percentage comprising Hungarians, Bosniaks, Roma, and other ethnic groups.

Except for Belgrade, the majority of cities in Serbia are relatively small in both size and population, often being more appropriately labeled as towns. Serbia, being a compact country with a modest population, boasts a multitude of these smaller urban centers. As per the 2011 Census Report, the following cities stand out as the most populous in Serbia:

RankCityDistrictUrban PopulationMunicipal Population
1BelgradeCity of Belgrade1,154,5891,639,121
2Novi SadSouth Backa District221,854335,701
3NisNisava District182,208257,867
4Kragujevac҆umadija District147,281177,468
5SuboticaNorth Backa District96,483140,358
6ZrenjaninCentral Banat District75,743122,714
7PancevoSouth Banat District73,992122,252
8CacakMoravica District72,148118,423
9KraljevoRaska District63,030124,554
10SmederevoPodunavlje District63,028107,528
11Novi PazarRaska District60,63892,766
12LeskovacJablanica District59,610143,962
13ValjevoKolubara District58,18490,301
14KrusevacRasina District57,627127,429
15VranjePcinja District54,45682,782
16SabacMacva District52,822115,347
17UziceZlatibor District52,19978,018
18SomborWest Backa District47,48585,569
19PozarevacBranicevo District42,96374,070
20PirotPirot District38,43257,911
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