List of Largest Cities in Saudi Arabia

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The Cities in Saudi Arabia Richer and has Modern Building with Skyscrapers, Oil reserves is the treasure of the country, most of the economy depending on Oil Exports, more than half of the income of the Saudi Government gaining from Oil. Saudi has Huge Oil reserve in the World after Venezuela. There are many Cities and Towns in Arabia and Riyadh is the Capital of Saudi Arabia and Largest city with population of around 6,500,000. The cities in the country are the main hub for development, almost 31% of the population reached up of extraneous nationals living in the Saudi Arabia. The Cities also the main hub of Tourism and the government aims at the development in the city on tourism related developments. The cities of Saudi Arabia hold thousands of taller buildings.


The following Cities Ranking assessed on Total population excluding Metro Area.

RankCity nameProvincePopulationDensityUrban Area(km2)Metro Area(km2)
4MedinaAl Madinah1,600,000589
8Khamis MushaitAsir600,000
11Al BahahAl Bahah360,000
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