15 Highest Mountains in England

England is an important part of the global economy and technology, and it is surrounded by beautiful nature and mountain ranges that are above the equator. The mountain ranges revealed a number of high points, which are listed below. England is a part of the United Kingdom and has more than 80% of the coastline, as well as mountains that are typical in height in comparison to the rest of the world.

The highest point is Scafell Pike, which is 978 metres above sea level. Most of the other high points are in the Lake District and the Southern Fells. The ranges produced a large number of high points that were close together.

Scafell Pike moutain. Photo by Amit Jagnade on Unsplash
RankMountainHeight (m)Prominence (m)Note
1Scafell Pike978912This peak lies on the Lake District and Southern Fells Range, is the highest peak in England.
2Sca Fell964133Second high point and stands between Wasdale in the west and Upper Eskdale to the East.
3Helvellyn950712It is the third Highest Peak located between Thirlmere Valley to the West and Patterdale to the East, also called as 'Lake District'.
4III Crag93557Just 1km east of Scafel Pike in Southern Fells Ranges, III Crag's summit is a couple of hundred meters to the south of the path from Esk Hause to Scafell Pike.
5Broad Crag93452It figures part of the Scafell mountain chain, and lies about half kilometers (0.3 mi) north-east of Scafell Pike.
6Skiddaw931709Located in Lake District National Park, just north of the town of Keswick, Cumbria. The Skiddaw is part of Northern Fells setting about 10 Miles in width.
7Great End91056The top is organized by the flattened volcaniclastic claystone and siltstone.
8Bowfell902146A pyramid determined mountain consisting at the center of the English Lake District, in the Southern Fells area.
9Great Gable899425This peak lying at center of the Lake District, surrounded by the River Cocker to the north east and Wasdale to the south east, the Wast water can be seen from the top of this peak.
10Cross Fell893651A tallest peak in Pennine Hills and located in North Pennines, England. Adjoining and Cross Fell the fells are primarily a bed of hard, carboniferous limestone.
11Pillar892348Pillar is a mountain in the western part of the English Lake District, Posited between Wasdale to the south and valleys of Ennerdale to the north.
12Fairfield873299It is located in English Lake District, and highest of a group of hills in the Eastern Fells.
13Blencathra868461This peak has 6 separate fell tops, located in English Lake District.
14Grasmoor852519Grasmoor is a mountain in the north-western part of the Lake District, northern England.
15St Sunday Crag841159This is the part of the Fairfield group in the Eastern Fells and located in the English Lake District.
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