20 Highest Mountains in Africa

Africa has breathtaking landscapes and natural treasures, as well as hundreds of prominent mountains. The majority of Africa lies south of the equator, but there are numerous mountains that rise above 4000 metres. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak, rising 5895 metres above sea level and brimming with new plant life. The continent has significant natural diversity, with the tallest mountains, such as Kilimanjaro, covered in ice on the peak. Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda have several large mountains, while other African countries have mountain ranges that are the apotheosis of mountain ranges.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay
RankMountainHeight (m)Prominence (m)RangeCountryFirst ascent
1Mount Kilimanjaro58955885KilimanjaroTanzania1889
2Mount Kenya (Batian)51993825Mount KenyaKenya1899
3Mawenzi (Hans Meyer Pk)5148850KilimanjaroTanzania1912
4Ngaliema / Mt Stanley ((Margherita Pk))51093951RwenzoriDR Congo1906
5Duwoni / Mt Speke (Vittorio Emanuele Pk)4890720RwenzoriUganda1906
6Kiyanja / Mt Baker (Edward Pk)4844507RwenzoriUganda1906
7 Mount Emin (Umberto Pk)4798495RwenzoriDR Congo1906
8Mount Gessi (Iolanda Pk)4715565RwenzoriUganda1906
9Mount Meru (Socialist Pk)45663170Mount MeruTanzania1904
10Ras Dashen45503997Semien MountainsEthiopia1841
11Karisimbi45073312Virunga MountainsDR Congo, Rwanda1904
12Kidis Yared4453730Semien MountainsEthiopia
13Mikeno44371190Virunga MountainsDR Congo1927
14Bwahit4437810Semien MountainsEthiopia
15Portal Peaks (Kihuma)4391565RwenzoriUganda1945
16Tullu Demtu[8]43772527Bale MountainsEthiopia
17Mount Elgon (Wagagai)43212458Mount ElgonUganda1911
18Amba Farit42702061Kollo MassifEthiopia
19Abune Yosef / Guliba Amba42601909Lasta MassifEthiopia
20Bada41951605Arsi MountainsEthiopia

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