Countries with most Billionaires in African Region

1. Egypt (8 Billionaires)

Egypt is the most populous country in Africa and Middle East with 84,550,000 as on 2013 estimation is covered area of 1 million square kilometers. The Country lies within North Africa and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north. The Country one of the Richest in The African Region by GDP, has 8 billionaires. Egypt holds No.1 country for Most Billionaires.

There are 8 Billionaires as on 2012 they are listed below,

  1. Nassef Sawiris, networth: 5.6 billion dollars.
  2. Naguib Sawiris, networth: 3.5 billion dollars.
  3. Onsi Sawiris, networth: 2.9 billion dollars.
  4. Mohamed Mansour, networth: 2 billion dollars.
  5. Youssef Mansour, networth: 1.8 billion dollars.
  6. Yaseen Mansour, networth: 1.8 billion dollars.
  7. Samih Sawiris, networth: 1.4 billion dollars.
  8. Mohamed Al Fayed, networth: 1.2 billion dollars.

2. South Africa (4 Billionaires)

South Africa is the 25th largest country lies at southern tip of Africa, covered area of 1,221,037 square km with population of 52,981,991 as on 2013. South Africa has 4 billionaires by net worth on 10 March 2011 published by Forbes magazine.


The 4 Billionaires listed below with net worth and Sources of Wealth,

Ranking Name Sources of wealth Net worth (USD)
1 Nicky Oppenheimer De Beers 6.8
2 Johann Rupert Richmont, Reinet 5.1
3 Christo Wiese Shoprite, Pepkor 2.7
4 Patrice Motsepe African Rainbow Minerals 2.7


3. Nigeria (2 Billionaires)

Nigeria located in West Africa and bordered by Republic of Benin, Chad and Cameroon, is home to 170 million peoples on the 2012 estimate, and owns 923,768 square kilometers. The country stands on third place on Billionaires in African Region.

  1.  Aliko Dangote
    Source of wealth: Sugar, flour, Cement
    Net worth: 16.1 Billion USD
  2. Mike Adenuga
    Source of wealth: Telcom, banking, oil
    Net worth: 4.7 Billion USD

The Richest Peoples in other Countries of African region probably below the worth of Billionaires margin. There are only 3 countries has Billionaires as on recent report.

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