6 Deepest Lakes in Canada

Canada is located in the north America, one of the rich and big country

6. Superior

The Superior Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the world shared to Canada and the United States, spread in an area of 82,103 km2 and stands at 180 meters above sea level. The lake is 350 miles long and 160 miles wide and it consists of many islands and home to many settlements.
Region: Ontario, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Depth: 406 meters

Superior Lake
Source: Google Earth

5. Great Bear

Great Bear Lake is the largest lake by surface area covering 31,153 km2 at the elevation of 183 meters, is the 4th largest in North America and 8th largest in the world by surface area.
Region: Northwest Territories
Depth: 446 meters

Great Bear Lake
Source: Google Earth

4. Adams

Adams is the Coldwater Lake 63 km long and 3.2 km wide, and a surface elevation of 404 meters. Primary inflows are Upper Adams River, Momich River and Bush Creek River, Lower Adams River is the main outflow.
Region: British Columbia
Depth: 457 meters

Source: Google Earth

3. Grand

Grand is Natural Lake created by inflow of Sandy Lake, Hinds Brook, Red Indian Brook, Lewaseechjeech Brook and Grand Lake Brook Rivers, Humber Canal and Junction Brook are the Primary outflows, the surface elevation is 85 meters.
Region: Newfoundland and Labrador
Depth: 475 meters

Grand Lake
Source: Google Earth

2. Quesnel

Quesnel is the glacial lake created by Horsefly and Mitchell River, and the origin of Quesnei River. The surface elevation is 728 meters with a surface area of 277 km2.
Region: British Columbia
Depth: 506 meters

Quesnel Lake
Source: Google Earth

1. Great Slave

Great Slave Lake is the remnant of a vast glacial lake the tenth-largest in the world, Hay River and Slave River are the primary inflow while Mackenzei River is the main outflow. The lake also the deepest in North America spread in an area of 27,200 km2 and a surface elevation of 156 meters.
Region: Northwest Territories
Depth: 614 meters

Great Slave Lake
Source: Google Earth
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