20 Largest Cities in Argentina

Argentina is the 8th largest countries in the world with population of 41.6 million in 2013 estimation, most of part urbanized and over 50% of population hold in 10 largest cities of Argentina. Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina with population of 3 million, and Cordoba and Rosario are taking next positions with around 1.5 million inhabitants. The cities population and developments are constantly increasing, the below information from official sources and the date of information of 2007.

Source: www.stockpholio.com

List of 20 largest Cities in Argentina

RankName of the CitiesProvincePopulation
1Buenos Aires 3,050,728
2Cordoba Córdoba1,372,000
3Rosario Santa Fe1,242,000
4Mendoza Mendoza885,434
5Tucumán Tucumán789,000
6La Plata Buenos Aires732,503
7Mar del Plata Buenos Aires604,563
8Salta Salta516,000
9Santa Fe Santa Fe493,000
10San Juan San Juan453,229
11Resistencia Chaco377,000
12Corrientes Corrientes345,000
13Bahía Blanca Buenos Aires304,000
14San Salvador de Jujuy Jujuy298,000
15Posadas Misiones287,000
16Parana Entre Ríos268,000
17Neuquen Neuquén255,000
18Santiago del Estero Santiago del Estero244,733
19Merlo Buenos Aires244,168
20Quilmes Buenos Aires230,810
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