10 Smallest Countries in the World

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Do you know which is the Smallest Country in the World? Countries are larger in area with millions of square miles and there are some countries that smaller in area, and even less than 1 square km. The smallest countries are even smaller than some tiny cities in the world that covered less than 200 square miles by Area. The Smallest Countries are independent and has Government systems, some of them are independent islands. This is a comprehensive listing of the independent smallest countries with the total area and population. The Following list Displays top 10 Smallest Countries in the World.

vatican city
RankCountry NameArea (sq km)PopulationImages
1Vatican City0.44832Vatican city
3Nauru219,322Nauru Island
5San Marino6131,887San Marino
7Marshal Islands18168,000
8St. Kitts Nevis26151,300St. Kitts & Nevis
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