10 Richest Countries in Asia

The List of the Countries by GDP (Gross Domestic Product) at Purchasing Power Parity per Capital, Asia is one of the Largest Region and has Developing nations with High Economy. Japan, Singapore, Brunei and South Korea ranks better in the World on GDP. The Countries has different rules and regulation with different cost of living and rates of inflation. Russia is not in the list that is considered as Eurasia and almost countries in the Asia is below the world GDP (PPP) per capital.

Source: http://telegraph.co.uk/

The Following List of Richest Countries in Asia measured by the GDP at PPP per Capital by International Monetary Fund.


Name of Country

GDP Per Capital

World Rank

1 Singapore $59,711 3
2 Brunei $49,384 5
3 Japan $34,740 24
4 South Korea $31,714 25
5 Malaysia $15,568 58
6 Kazakhstan $13,001 70
7 Azerbaijan $10,202 82
8 Thailand $9,396 86
9 China $8,382 92
10 Turkmenistan $7,846 95

Note: The List of Richest Countries by GDP is the Survey of International Monetary Fund on the year of 2011.

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