What You Need to Know Before Going Solar

The world needs clean and renewable energy and it needs it now! For too many years, we have been polluting the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, and now solar technology has reached the point where it is financially feasible. The Australian homeowner can recoup their initial investment in as little as 5 years, which makes clean energy a very attractive proposition.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have come a long way in the past few years; they are much more efficient and can draw energy even on cloudy days. Slimline versions blend with the property and top-quality roof panels are now actually affordable; indeed, some actually look like clay roof tiles, What could be better than that? When you make contact with the best Australian solar energy system provider, RenewCo Solar solar Company, they send a system technician to your home and it is designed around the property.

Entire Home Energy Solutions

It is very easy to calculate the energy your home needs, and a specific system can be designed to provide you with more energy than you need by selling any excess electricity to the national grid, which removes you from the clutches of those hungry energy corporations that have us at their mercy. The first stage is the solar assessment, an initial consultation where the technician assesses your energy needs, which is completely free and without obligation. You can start looking at the numbers and solar energy looks very attractive in every respect. Once installed, you are no longer part of the problem, rather, you are now part of the solution.

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Hub Inverter

This is the heart of the system, which manages every aspect with an inverter that is battery ready, EV ready and future ready. The device has a single interface for system monitoring and management; individual solar panels are monitored and changes can be made by the system to provide optimum production. You can track your energy use and storage in real time, which is about as good as it gets. The hub is protected against fire and power surges, with electrocution prevention.

Maximise your Energy Savings

There’s a lot more to solar energy systems than installing a few solar panels and connecting them to batteries; if you want the best saving, simply call in the top solar energy system company in Australia. The technician helps you choose the right system that has the future in mind; EV charging ports are included in the package, while updates can easily be added. Scalable solutions mean you are ready for a tech explosion, which is surely on the horizon. Here are a few compelling reasons to install a solar energy system in your home.

Government Incentives

Every Australian state offers home and business owners financial support, as they strive for zero emissions, which is a very noble goal. Interest free loans for approved solar energy systems installed by registered technicians, this offer will not be there for much longer, as the rise in switching to green energy is significant. Once they reach a certain point, the government will withdraw that support, so installing now is the smart thing to do.

Full or Partial Energy Harvesting

Some homeowners prefer to start with a smaller system that supplies 50% of their power needs; the system is fully scalable; you can go from 50 to 100% supply in a single step. Of course, a smaller system is cheaper, but with government support, the cost is relatively low for the outcome. Imagine never having to pay another energy bill! If you invest in a state-of-the-art solar energy system, you win all the way, with many years of clean and renewable energy.

Finance Options

If you would prefer to use a finance company, the supplier usually has the best deal, alternatively, you could search online for a lender who is happy to help a homeowner make the switch to clean energy. Talk to your partner, weigh up the pros and cons (there aren’t any cons) and get in touch with a top solar energy company to set up a home visit. 

The Importance of Using Best Quality Materials 

This cannot be overstated; if you prefer a cheap Chinese system, you will have to reinvest in a few years; Choose wisely with such an important investment and enjoy long warranty coverage. Read the many online reviews when looking at solar energy companies, as this is a good indication of what you can expect.

Start the Process

There is no better time to start looking at solar energy; the Australian Federal government offers financial support as an incentive to go green. The provider should be state-approved, have an excellent reputation within the industry, and have the resources to ensure a smooth installation.

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