Top 10 World’s Most Famous Sponsors in Sports Events

Sports is most interesting competition on Earth that makes people crazy, there are more than a thousand kinds of Sports that occur internationally such as Football, Cricket, F1, MotoGP, Boxing, Hockey and Ext. Some of the Sports are very popular in the world and that causes lot money on the field, sponsors can invest in that to get their product promote. There are some Sponsors on the field permanently and they have a popular name in the world to sponsor on sports, such as Red Bull is an energy drink that sponsors on almost international motor racing events in the world. Most of the sponsors are the largest and oldest they have a deep background on their products and they invest huge money to promote the products through sports events.

MotoGP RedBull Racing

The Following list of Most Famous Sponsors in Sports, the list based on the sponsorship for all sports Events.


Name of the Sponsors

Original Company Title

Year of Founded


 Pepsico logo Pepsi Pepsi Co 1898 Carbonated Soft Drinks
 Red Bull logo Red Bull  Red Bull GmbH 1987 Energy Drink
 Coca Cola logo Coca Cola The Coca-Cola Company 1886 Carbonated Soft Drinks
 Reebok logo Reebok Reebok International Limited 1895 Athletic Shoes, Apparel and Accessories
 Puma logo Puma Puma SE 1924 Clothing and Consumer Goods Manufacture
 Adidas Logo Adidas Adidas AG 1924 Footwear, Sportswear, Sports Equipment, Toiletries
 Samsung Logo SAMSUNG Samsung Group 1938 Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Entertainment Apparel and Others.
 Castrol Logo Castrol BP p.l.c. 1909 Oil, Gas and Alternative Energy
 Vodafone Logo Vodafone Vodafone Group Plc 1991 Telecommunications
 Honda Logo Honda Honda Motor Company, Ltd. 1948 Automobiles, Motocycles, Robotics and Others.

Note: Above mentions Top 10 list of Famous Sponsors based on all sports and Popularity on the Product Name in Sports Events.

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