Boxing Terms for the Beginner That you Should Know

Boxing is a combat sport in which two competitors, each wearing protective gloves, throw punches in a boxing ring for a set period of time. The goal of the game is to either score more points than your opponent or knock them out of the game.

If you are interested in the art of boxing, you certainly aren’t alone, as the sport has seen a massive revival in the past few years. There was a time when only middle-aged men would watch boxing, yet today, people of all ages are glued to the big fights, which are screened live across the world, thanks to the Internet.

Boxing regulations are complicated, and there are numerous interpretations of them. The basic rules, on the other hand, are intended to keep the fighters safe and the battle fair.

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Whether as a boxer or viewer, here are a few boxing terms and acronyms that you should know.

  • BBB – The British Boxing Board is the governing body for the sport in the UK.
  • WBA – World Boxing Association. There is England boxing in Reading and you can train at a top gym in the town.
  • WBC –World Boxing Council.
  • WBO – World Boxing Organisation.
  • IBF – International Boxing Federation.
  • Bout – An arranged fight.
  • Round – A 3-minute period of boxing.
  • Clinch – When two boxers hold each other, which might be to rest or prevent your opponent from striking.
  • Count – When one fighter is knocked down, the referee instantly starts the count and if he reaches 10, the bout is over and a KO victory is recorded. The standing 8 count comes into play when a fighter gets to his feet; this count is to give the pugilist time to clear their head and if the referee thinks the boxer is not in a condition to protect themself, they would stop the contest, awarding the winner a TKO (Technical Knock Out) victory.
  • Jab – A straight punch using the extended arm.
  • Hook – A punch thrown sideways in an arc.
  • Uppercut – A punch thrown from waist level aiming upwards.
  • Cross – A powerful punch thrown by the retracted hand across the opponent’s guard.
  • TKO – Technical Knock Out.
  • KO –Knock Out.
  • NC – No contest.
  • Zero fighter – A boxer with an unbeaten record.
  • Pound for Pound – This is a form of rating a boxer irrespective of weight class. Here is some information on working from home.
  • Orthodox – Most people are right-handed and therefore lead with their left hand.
  • Southpaw – A boxer who is primarily left-handed and leads with their right hand.
  • Seconds – The trainer(s)that accompany a boxer into the ring.
  • Majority decision – There are 3 judges to score a bout and if 2 score more for one fighter, they win by majority decision.
  • Majority draw – When 2 judges score the bout even, while the 3rd judge awards the fight to one boxer.
  • Cup – A groin protector is worn to protect the genitals.
  • Mouthguard – Worn to protect teeth and gums.
  • Roll with the punches –The ability to move in the same direction as a punch to lessen the force.
  • Throw in the towel – When the seconds of one fighter wish to stop the contest, they throw a towel into the ring to signify to the referee that they do not wish for their fighter to take any more punishment.

Boxing is just one of many martial arts and if you would like to start training, pay your local boxing gym a visit.

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