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10 Popular Stadiums in Denmark

Denmark is the country in Northern Europe, supports and organizes a variety of Sports, Denmark has particular places with stadiums and open grounds specially designed for Sports. Sports are popular in Denmark, with over 320,000 players in more than 1600 clubs, football is the national sport of Denmark. Parken is the National Stadium for Football and sports are encouraged in school and local clubs. Here, the stadiums are utilized for a variety of sports such as football, cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Motorsports.

1. Parken Stadium

Photo by bwsmarketing Via Panoramio

Parken is the national stadium of Denmark, and large in size including seating and space, it received a record attendance of 52,377 in 1961, is designed by Gert Andersson. The stadium has seen renovations in 2002 and 2009.
Location: Oster Alle 48-50, 2100 Kobenhavn
Opened: 1911
Capacity: 38,065 (300 VIP seats, 126 Press seats)
Club: FC Kobenhavn

2. Blue Water Arena

Photo by V&A Dudush Via Panoramio

It is the football stadium located in Esbjerg, operated by Sports & Events Esbjerg, built with a construction cost of 105 million Danish krone.
Location: GI. Vardevej 62, 6700 Esbjerj, Denmark
Opened: 1955
Capacity: 11,451 seats (18,000 spectators)
Club: Esbjerg FB

3. Farum Park

Photo by Pathfinder77 Via Wkipedia

The Individual Football Stadium is located in Farum owned by Fureso Municipality, an architect by GET Andersen ApS, and Structural engineer Jorgen Wessberg A/S.
Location: Idratsvanget 2, 3520, Farum, Denmark
Opened: 1999
Capacity: 9,800 seats (10,100 Spectators)
Club: Nordsjclland

4. Atletion

Source: speedwaygp.com

Atletion combined Sports Avenue including NRGi Park, NRGi Arena, and Store Hal located in Aarus owned by Atletion A/S and an Architect by Axel Hogh Hansen.
Location: Stadion Alle 70, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
Opened: 1920
Capacity: 4,700
Club: AGF Arhus

5. CASA Arena Horsens

Source: stadiumdb.com

This is the Danish football stadium and the home ground of AC Horsens (Football team), a project undertook by 3XN with a cost of 110 million Danish Krone.
Location: Langmarksvej 59, 8700 Horsens, Denmark
Opened: 2009
Capacity: 10,400 spectators (7,500 seated and 2900 terraces)
Club: AC Horsens

6. Brondby Stadion (Vilfort Park)

Source: stadiumdb.com

It is also called Vilfort park where a variety of sports events taking place here, with 1500 floodlights and a record attendance of 31,508 in 2003.
Location: Brondby Stadion 30 DK – 2605 BRONDBY, Denmark
Opened: 1965
Capacity: 31,400 (10400 standing places, 785 VIP seats, 152 Press seats)

7. Odense Stadion (TRE-FOR Park)

Source: stadiumdb.com

Odense is one of the large stadiums with well seating capacity, may 2010 the stadium was known as Fionia Park, is consists of 2 stands including 2 alongside and 2 end stands.
Location: Hojstrupvej 7B, 5200 Odense, Denmark
Opened: 1997
Capacity: 15790 (14,233 seats, 51 press seats)
Club: Odense Boldklub

8. Aalborg Stadion

Source: stadiumdb.com

One of the oldest stadiums, built with the aim of recreation and sports, over 30 danish national teams played here, it has been seen much expansion since 1927.
Location: Harald Jensens Vej 9, 9000 Aalborg
Opened: 1920
Capacity: 13800 (10,500 international capacity)
Club: Aalborg Boldspilklub

9. Sydbank Park

Source: stadiumdb.com

A Stadium with a capacity of 10,000 with a floodlight of 1,200 lux, and in 2005 it received a record attendance of 8,302, it was decided to expand with 3,000 new seats expected to complete in 2015.
Location: Haderslev Fodboldstadion, Stadionvej 7, 6100 Haderslev, Denmark
Opened: 2001
Capacity: 10,000 (3,004 seats, 150 business seats, 44 press seats)
Club: Sonderjysk Elitesport A/S

10. MCH Arena

Source: stadiumdb.com

A Danish football Stadium, which was known as SAS Arena and owned by Messecenter Herning, has a field size of 104x65m, it cost 85 million DKK (Danish krone) to build.
Location: Kaj Zartows vej, 7400 Herning, Denmark
Opened: 2004
Capacity: 11800 (5500 (Standing Places)
Club: FC Midtylland

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