7 Shortest Rivers in the World

Do you know the Shortest Rivers in the World? That really hard to measure the length of the River, too hard for Short River, the measurements should take to verify the length such as Tide, Birth, Source and other Water inflows. There are many unconfirmed reports of Shortest River, But D River and Roe River fights for the Record of Worlds Shortest River the D River Holds the record till 1989, After the D River Guinness World Records listed Roe River as Shortest River on Earth. Any way the discussion will stop one day and the real measurements of the River will be listed.

The Following list of Rivers the Shortest by the total length that located in a geographical Area.

Roe River D River Comal River


Name of River



1 Reprua River 59 ft (18m) ((Not yet Confirmed)) Gargra District, Abkhazia
2 Roe River 201 feet (61m) Great Falls, Montana, USA
3 D River 440 ft (130m) Lincoln, Oregan, USA
4 Vrelo River 772 ft (234m) Mali Zvornik, Serbia
5 Fiumelatte River 820 ft (250m) Varenna, Italy
6 River Bain 827 ft (252 m) North Yarkshire, England
7 Comal River 4 km (2.5mi) Comal Country, Texas, USA

Note: The Rivers Listed is not the exact measurement and is not confirmed clearly yet.

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