Most Expensive Chinese Movies, High Budget Films

China is the Populous and one of the largest countries in the world, the film industry is very old and has deep history. The Economy is growing rapidly and the Competition of the films too, many of the movies producing with high budgets in many languages. Mandarin is the main language in China and Most Spoken Language in the World.  Most of the Films in China made focusing on Martial Arts and Kung Fu Actions and there are many Top Martial and Kung Fu Artists. The Famous Heroes such as Bruce Lee, Chaki Chan, Jet Lee, are  Chinese, and their films famous worldwide.  Chinese film industry is the third largest in the World. The list of Expensive Movies in China together with Hong Kong Movies (Hong Kong is the Sub territory of China). The Total Box office of the Chinese Movies is 13.1 Billion Renminbi in 2011.

The Chinese Movies of High Budget listed below with release date, Production Cost and with Poster Images.

RankMovie NameYearProduction Costs US$)Production Costs (CNY)Poster
1The Flowers of War201194,000,000599,000,000The Flowers War poster
2Red Cliff200880,000,000510,000,000
3The Monkey King201260,000,000382,000,000The Monkey King Poster
4Curse of the Golden Flower200645,000,000286,000,000Curse Golden Flower Poster
5The Promise200540,000,000255,000,000The Promise Poster
6The Warlords200740,000,000255,000,000The Warlords Poster
7The Legend of Zu200135,000,000223,000,000The Legend of Zu poster
8Hero200235,000,000223,000,000Hero Poster
9Bodyguards and Assassins200923,000,000146,000,000Bodyguards Assassins Poster
10The Emperor and the Assassin199820,000,000127,000,000The Emperor and the Assassin Poster
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