List of Waterfalls in Gujarat

Gujarat is a state in India bordered to the north by Pakistan (country), Rajasthan (Indian state), and the Arabian Sea to the south (coastline 1600km). Gujarat features a few small green forests, while the rest of the nation is flat. Waterfalls, lush woods, and scenic views are among the natural features that visitors to Gujarat could enjoy during their weekends and vacations. The height of certain waterfalls isn’t given because the measurements aren’t officially published. Several waterfalls fall from incredible heights; the list below covers some well-known waterfalls.

Gira Waterfalls
Gira Waterfalls, Gira River, Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Name of WaterfallsDescription
Khuniya Mahadev fallsA Beautiful Waterfall in Gujarat is located between greenery in PavagadhHill Station.
Location: Behind the Shiva Temple, Pavagadh.
Ninai fallsThese waterfalls formed by the Narmada River, located within beautiful forest ranges, plunge from more than 30 feet.
Location: Off State Highway 163, Sagai Village, 35 km from Dediapada, Narmada District.
Zarwani FallsZarwani falls located within the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, the Sanctuary home to many species of Animal, birds and plants, Visitors can enjoy both waterfalls and surrounding nature.
Location: 7 kms from Thawadia Checkpost, Vododara, Gujarat
Gira FallsGira Waterfalls is beautiful and the best time to visit during the monsoon season.
Location: 3km from Waghai Town, Saputara
Zansari FallsZansari is the small waterfalls surroundings covered by the rocks, best place for picknic in the summer season.
Location: 60 km from Ahmedabad, Dehgam
Dehgam FallsDehgam waterfalls in wide and plunges from just 25 feet, visit in monsoon for the best experience.
Location: 64 km from Ahmedabad, Dehgam
Jamjir FallsJamjir waterfalls formed by the River Shingoda, is located in the Jamvala village, is plunges from the height of around 40 feet.
Location: Jamvala, Junagadh
Hathni fallsHathni falls is located in the Jambughoda sanctuary and place of flora and fauna and surroundings of the waterfalls filled by lush forest and valleys.
Location: 70 kms from Vododara City and 12 kms Jambughoda
Bihar falls
Machhu Falls

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