10 Tallest Waterfalls in China

China, a country blessed with beautiful landscapes and one of the world’s greatest tourist attractions. China is a huge nation with a diverse range of landscapes, including deserts, cold regions, wet forests, mountainous terrains, and plains. Changbanpo Falls, with a height of 984 feet, is China’s tallest waterfall. Dalong Qui Pubu and Flying Phoenix are China’s second and third tallest waterfalls, respectively.

Waterfalls between the border of China and Vietnam, Image by Trung Duong from Pixabay

List of 10 highest waterfalls in China

RankName of WaterfallsHeightLocation
1Changbanpo Falls 984 ft (300 m)Zhejiang
2Dalong Qui Pubu 646 ft (197 m)Western Inner Valley
3Flying Phoenix Falls 640 ft (195 m)Hong Kong
4Changliu Falls 492 ft (150 m)Zhejiang
5Flying Dragon Falls 459 ft (140 m)Hong Kong
6Sanzhe Pu Waterfall 394 ft (120 m) 
7Baizhang Waterfall 360 ft (110 m)Shengzhou
8Wufengchi Falls 328 ft (100 m) 
9Thousand Step Falls 310 ft (94 m) 
10Hidden Falls 100 ft (30 m)Tibet
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