Tallest Waterfalls in Canada: A Spectacular Display of Nature’s Power

Discover the towering beauty of Canada’s highest waterfalls, from Della Falls to Virginia Falls. Marvel at breathtaking views and untamed landscapes. Whether you’re a hiker, photographer, or nature enthusiast, add these majestic falls to your bucket list and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Canada’s natural wonders.”Below are some of the notable and active flows throughout the year.

1. Della Falls

Della Falls

Situated amidst the untamed wilderness of Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, Della Falls stands as a testament to natural grandeur. Not only does it claim the title of Canada’s tallest waterfall, but it also ranks among the loftiest in North America. Fed by the pristine waters of Della Lake, nestled high in the mountains, this majestic cascade plunges down a sheer cliff face, enveloped by verdant foliage. Embarking on the hike to Della Falls rewards adventurers with awe-inspiring vistas of towering peaks and lush forests, attracting outdoor enthusiasts and nature aficionados alike to this captivating destination.

Height: Approximately 440 meters (1,440 feet)
Location: Strathcona Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

2. Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw Falls is a majestic waterfall located in Yoho National Park, known for its stunning natural beauty. The name “Takakkaw” means “magnificent” in the Cree language, perfectly capturing the essence of this extraordinary waterfall. Fed by the meltwater from the Daly Glacier, Takakkaw Falls plunges down a rocky cliff face, creating a mesmerizing display of cascading water. The surrounding mountain peaks and lush vegetation add to the picturesque setting, making it a popular spot for photographers and hikers.

Height: Approximately 373 meters (1,224 feet)
Location: Yoho National Park, British Columbia

3. Hunlen Falls

Hunlen Falls

Hunlen Falls is a hidden gem nestled within the pristine wilderness of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. This breathtaking waterfall is fed by the Atnarko River and drops dramatically into a deep canyon. The sheer height of Hunlen Falls, combined with the surrounding rugged landscape, creates a truly awe-inspiring sight. Accessible only by a challenging hike or by air, Hunlen Falls offers a secluded and peaceful experience for those who venture to witness its natural beauty.

Height: Approximately 260 meters (853 feet)
Location: Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, British Columbia

4. Helmcken Falls

Nestled within the pristine expanse of Wells Gray Provincial Park, Helmcken Falls commands attention with its formidable presence. This mighty waterfall tumbles into the rugged depths of Helmcken Canyon, its thunderous roar echoing through the surrounding wilderness. Enveloped by lush forests and towering cliffs, Helmcken Falls captivates all who behold it. The park provides multiple vantage points for visitors to marvel at the cascade’s beauty, including a platform offering a spectacular vista of the plunging waters.

Height: Approximately 141 meters (463 feet)
Location: Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia

Waterfalls (by overall height):

WaterfallHeight (m)Height (ft)Province
James Bruce Falls8402,760British Columbia
Madden Falls5791,900British Columbia
Swiftcurrent Falls5371,762British Columbia
Kingcome Valley Falls5201,710British Columbia
Schwartzenbach Falls5201,710Nunavut
Francis Falls5181,699British Columbia
Storey Peak Falls4801,570British Columbia
Cerberus Falls4751,558British Columbia
Kiwi Falls4751,558British Columbia
Bush Mountain Falls4661,529British Columbia
Unnamed waterfall4601,510British Columbia
Bedard Falls4571,499British Columbia
Unnamed waterfall4571,499British Columbia
Harmony Falls4441,457British Columbia
Michael Falls4421,450British Columbia
Della Falls4401,440British Columbia
South Phillips Glacier Falls4271,401British Columbia
Bishop Falls4101,350British Columbia

Waterfalls (by tallest single drop):

WaterfallHeight (m)Height (ft)Province
Bow Glacier Falls154505Alberta
Cerberus Falls4751,558British Columbia
Francis Falls244801British Columbia
Hamill Creek Falls255837British Columbia
Hunlen Falls260850British Columbia
Lady Wilsons Falls152499Alberta
Madden Falls152499British Columbia
Michael Falls158518British Columbia
Middle Cummins Falls220720British Columbia
Odegaard Falls271889British Columbia
Pissing Mare Falls255837Newfoundland and Labrador
Schwartzenbach Falls200660Nunavut

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