List of Notable Rivers in Karnataka

There are hundreds of large and tiny rivers with several tributaries, many of the rivers originate in the Western Ghats ranges at high altitude. Karnataka state has 300 km of coastline where many rivers merge into the ocean. Kaveri is the longest and largest river at a length of 765 km, it originates in Talakaveri of Karnataka and merges into the ocean at (Bay of Bengal) in Tamil Nadu. The following list of rivers originates in Karnataka state. Tiny rivers are ignored from the list.

Photo by swarat_ghosh via Flickr
River NameDistrictOriginLength (km)Mouth
KaveriCoorg (Kodagu)Talakaveri765Bay of Bengal
TungabhadraChikmagalurKudali531 merge to Krishna river
PennerChikkaballapuraNandi Hills597 Bay of Bengal
KaliUttara KannadaDiggi184Arabian Sea
PalarKolarNandi Hills348Bay of Bengal
ArkavatiChikkaballapuraNandi Hills193merge to Kaveri River
BhadraChikmagalurGangamoola147Bay of Bengal
ChakraUdupiKundapura-Arabian Sea
GangavalliDharwadGangavalli152Arabian Sea
MalaprabhaBelgaumSoraba304 merge to Krishna river
KumaradharaDakshina KannadaSulliaArabian Sea
MandoviBelgaumBhimgad77 Arabian Sea
NetravatiChikmagalurGangamoolaArabian Sea
PonnaiyarChikkaballapurNandidurg400Bay of Bengal
SharavathiShimogaAmbutheertha128 Arabian Sea
ShimshaTumkurDevarayanadurga221 merge to Kaveri River
TungaChikmagalurGangamoola147merge to Bhadra River
VaradaShimogaVardamoolamerge to Tungabadhra
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