Life Before Courier Tracking: 3 Risks Associated With Shipments

In this digital era, where information, thoughts, and solutions are shared in seconds, the shipping industry has also seen massive and revolutionary changes in its services, from sending goods to commodities, parcels, and documents. By adapting technologies, they ensure comfort and convenience for their customers.

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And yes, you can easily guess it! We are talking about the online tracking services that allow you to see parcels throughout the shipment process and ensure they are safely delivered to your specified destination.

Life before these revolutionary technologies was full of risks and losses. So, here we’ll be having a short-term time trip and discussing the risks associated with the shipments  and how Tirupati courier tracking has overcome them and made customers’ shipment process seamless.

So, let’s dig in to learn more about how your shipment can be a real pain and how things can take a 360-degree turn.

1. Delayed Delivery Schedules

You may think that delayed delivery schedules are one of the biggest challenges in the shipping industry, especially if the parcel is valuable, huge, or has international delivery locations, causing frustration and legal troubles for businesses and customers, right?

However, there are multiple reasons that you may have to face delayed deliveries, such as worse weather conditions, legal hurdles, operational inefficiency, and other unpredictable uncertainties.

And since you’ve had limited information from the shipping company, delayed delivery can make you assume the company has lost your parcel, leading to frustration and thoughts that the company is untrustworthy and scams people.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no other option! Online courier tracking systems have brought the troubles of inaccurate delivery schedules to an end by providing complete and detailed progress information about your parcels.

With these tracking services, customers can not only track the parcel’s location but also have an estimated delivery schedule that will change according to the progress of their shipment.

For instance, if there is stormy weather or heavy rainfall at the delivery location and you won’t receive the parcel on the mentioned date, you’ll get an alert for the delayed delivery, notifying you about your parcel and the reason for the delay. And also provide details about the next expected delivery date.

Similarly, if there is uncertainty in the shipping progress, which can lead to a hold-up in the delivery process, you’ll be informed about the progress within a few seconds through their user-friendly tracking system and courier application.

2. Risks of Loss and Theft

The risks of loss and theft have been associated with international deliveries and shipments for a long time. And pirates were the reason for thefts (being common) for international shipments, especially ocean-based shipments.

Although pirates are nowhere to be found, the tradition of parcel thefts didn’t stop. From warehouses to transit vehicles, there are various points in the supply chain of shipments where thefts are more likely to happen.

Moreover, the chances of unpredictable accidents like government-based restrictions, freight accidents, improper handling, incomplete documentation, or inadequate tracking are never zero, leading to the loss of shipments.

However, the courier tracking system has significantly changed the shipment industry in order to deal with these losses and theft risks effectively.

Firstly, the online tracking systems allow both the customers and the business to monitor the real-time progress of their shipments. From the parcel’s exact location to the condition of the intended route, they can thoroughly and continuously observe their shipments, decreasing the chances of disappearance and theft.

Further, if there is any change in the shipment plan, like a change of the intended route due to climatic problems or warehouse problems, the tracking system will send a quick alert to customers and businesses, keeping them updated with the recent progress.

Additionally, thieves are less likely to steal packages with tracking systems because the shipments are easy to trace and recover, making it easier for law enforcement to apprehend the thieves.

Also, the online tracking system is a great way of managing the documentation and other aspects of shipments in the event of thefts and losses. If the shipment goes missing, real-time visibility is an authentic source for the business to request help for the recovery from the higher authorities.

3. Customer Dissatisfaction and Stress

Customer satisfaction is the most critical aspect of a business’s success, and before the invention of online tracking systems, international shipping was a controversial topic, leading to mostly dissatisfied customers.

Although most of their shipment experiences were successful, lack of visibility, delayed deliveries, limited information, uncertain damage, and mental stress were the reasons they could never build a trustworthy relationship with the shipping businesses.

However, the online tracking system has transformed international shipments from a source of constant frustration and financial losses to a source of exceeding customer expectations and providing them with up-to-the-mark experiences.

In terms of shipments, a customer mainly expects timely deliveries, honesty and transparency, clear communication, authentic alerts and notifications, and complete control over their shipment process. 

And this is exactly what the courier tracking service offers its customers. From real-time visibility to monitoring the shipment’s progress to a successful shipping experience, tracking services enable customers to trust businesses and build a loyal and trustworthy relationship with them. 

Final Thoughts

As we are ending our thorough discussion about the risks associated with the shipping business and how courier tracking online has overcome them, we hope you find this article informative and productive.

Tracking systems have undoubtedly brought massive changes to the shipping industry. From providing real-time visibility of the parcels to decreasing the risks of loss and theft, these revolutionary technologies have brought financial stability and satisfaction to both the customers and the shipping business owners. 

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