8 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Moving to a New Place in India

You know, shifting homes is undeniably a tedious and demanding process. When you are excited, confused, sad, or even busy, more emotions are experienced simultaneously. If you have experts on your side, like packers and movers in Kolkata, to do the loading, unloading, and shifting, you may find it all a little comfortable. However, if it is only on you, the procedure may feel intimidating and dreary.

While performing many different tasks, you may need to improve. Yes, amidst so many tasks, it takes effort to focus on everything. However, if you talk to professionals like packers and movers in Jaipur, you can be at ease and experience the utmost efficiency. However, here are some mistakes you must be careful of when shifting.

1. Don’t procrastinate 

The most common mistake that most people make at the time of shifting their home is procrastination. You must start the process at least a month in advance. You have to start segmenting the things for packing, making plans, and all. Of course, you can do it at your pace, but you should take your time with everything.

2. Choosing experts without research 

Then if you choose any random movers for your shifting at the last hour and do little research, you may make a wrong choice. You must do more than just have anyone randomly touching and transporting your goods. The movers have to be reliable, professional and experienced like Porter.

3. Missing out on insurance 

Not checking if your moving company provides insurance for your essential and fragile goods if they get lost or simply break in transit. Of course, you would not want your stuff to go for a toss, right? And even if, unfortunately, something goes wrong, you should have the peace of mind that there is insurance that the moving service has provided you.

4. Improper and fragile packing of your goods 

Improper and fragile packaging of your stuff and goods leads to breakage or damage. You know what, cost-cutting appears to be tempting at this time, but you should never really think of dodging the bubble wraps or even the cushion rolls. You have to be sure that you make the best decisions regarding choosing the right packaging stuff for your goods. Certainly, if you have hired good movers like Porter, you can be sure that they use only the best stuff for packaging and shift your goods in the safest form.

5. Skipping the labels 

Not labelling the packages or boxes at the packing stage can cause the most dreaded confusion over what each package contains. You do not really want to open half of your boxes frantically to simply find your simple toothbrush on the first day of your shift at the new place. Come on, if you had put a label on all the packages, things would have been simpler, easier, and more efficient.

6. Packaging separately 

Not packing a separate box with all the different essentials. Since you are not going to be arranging your new home the moment you enter it, you need to ensure that you have the essentials in one single place. the point is you should not simply dump the items when moving from the previous place to the new house. It has to be well-organised, in a segmented way.

7. Keep budgeting in mind 

Not getting a proper cost estimate is an error that can shake your budget, even if you have been quite careful throughout. There are two types of estimates that a moving company offers: binding and non-binding. So, be wise about what exactly you are choosing and how much you may have to spend.

8. Filter the stuff you need in the new place 

Not making up your mind about what you actually require in your new home is a wrong approach. Packing each and every single thing and loading it into the moving vehicle is not the most effective and proper way of moving. You should consider discarding the stuff you do not want anymore. You can simply donate it or sell it if you wish. The point is that you must not unnecessarily stuff the new place with items you do not even need.


So, make your shifting a breeze by avoiding all the mistakes the post has shared with you. Professional movers like Porter can be the perfect addition to your entire procedure of loading, unloading, and shifting.

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