Top 5 Logistics Management Systems

In today’s tough competition, gaining clients’ loyalty is a Herculean task for many enterprises. Buyers make high demands which also apply to the delivery arrangement. All this leads to the need to leverage newer technologies that would allow for faster delivery, better supply chain coordination, and transportation direction. This is where transportation management software enters the game.

Upon the overview, we’ve prepared a top-5 list of logistics management applications to save you the hassle of finding them independently.

1. Carego


CareGo platform is aimed at transportation management and tracking and ensures easy setup without external assistance. To make the entire workflow a piece of cake, the application offers five major modules comprising Application, Central Admin, Online Admin, and Synchronization. Other countless features are available to meet the needs of transport operators and freight forwarding companies. They include:

  • Automated trip unloading.
  • Credit with limit and multi-billable locations.
  • Vehicle tracking API.
  • Enabled online booking.
  • Door delivery support, etc.

2. Magaya


Magaya software provides an all-in-one solution and takes by far a leading position in the list of logistics and supply chain management applications. It offers one single system that covers operations, visibility and tracking, connectivity and compliance with requirements, etc. Among other things, Magaya features:

  • Warehouse automation.
  • Implementation of e-commerce functionality.
  • Comprehensive detailed documentation, video guides, and Magaya University along with real-time customer service.
  • Cargo insurance services.
  • Cloud hosting for added safety and data restoration.

3. Jaix


This is an Australian company that delivers transfer and logistic software solutions. Jaix incorporates cutting-edge technologies that bring value to the company’s clients, help to scale fast, boost the business, and enhance the balance sheet. For three decades, the company’s team carefully listened to clients’ needs and learned technologies to deliver one of the greatest transport management solutions with handy features:

  • Complete suite integration.
  • Jaix Freight to manage every single step of operational processes.
  • Integrated freight tracking functionality.
  • Hassle-free resource direction with innovative Linehaul Console.
  • Jaix Paylink to solve the problem of transport payroll, etc.

4. Ramco


Meet a unified cloud application developed to fulfil the end to end needs of third-party companies providing logistics, freight forwarders, and courier services. Not only does it cover transportation issues, but Ramco also delivers a solution for finance and HR integration to address as many client’s needs as possible. As for other features, they include:

  • Transportation management system to fulfil buy and sell sides of logistics operations.
  • Warehouse direction system to meet the needs of warehousing.
  • Rate and billing modules to manage the services, rates, and contracts.
  • Hub management to monitor all inwards and outwards movements from the hub.
  • Scheduling and optimization tool with ERP integration, etc.

5. WebXpress


WebXpress is another widely used software aimed at bringing working solutions to logistics management. As far as the company integrates the latest innovative technologies, it ensures control over all stages within the supply chain: from warehousing to e-commerce or home delivery. Here’s what the company offers among other things:

  • Mobile applications to make user experience flawless.
  • A variety of third-party integrations.
  • Live GPS tracking tools.
  • Solutions for auditing and analytics.
  • Integration with more than 200 APIs and more.

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