How to Create a Comprehensive Marketing Calendar

When you create an effective marketing calendar, you can plan and organize your campaign activities in advance. Marketing campaigns are a crucial part of any business, but they can be difficult to manage without a marketing calendar. This helps ensure that you meet your goals and don’t waste valuable time on unnecessary tasks or projects.

Why Do You Need a Marketing Calendar?

A marketing calendar is a tool that helps you to plan, organize and track all your marketing campaigns. Having a comprehensive marketing calendar will help you stay organized by allowing you to see what campaigns are coming up in the future, as well as where they’re at in their lifecycle. It also keeps track of deadlines for each campaign so that nothing falls through the cracks!

This means that when it comes time for new campaigns or updates to existing ones (like changing up images), there won’t be any confusion about what needs done when–and who should do it. A well-planned marketing calendar will help keep everyone focused on the goals of each campaign while staying within budget constraints too!

What Should Be Included in a Marketing Calendar?

A marketing calendar should include the following:

  • Events to be held. This includes events held at your business’s location, as well as any events that are sponsored by you or your company. For example, if there’s an upcoming charity event for which you’ll need to provide food or beverages, this should be included on the calendar so it doesn’t get forgotten about until the last minute.
  • Sales events. If there are any sales happening during a specific period of time (such as Black Friday), those should be scheduled in advance so that everyone knows when they’re happening and can prepare accordingly–including stocking up on inventory beforehand if necessary!
  • New product launches/campaigns/promotions/social media posts etc… Any kind of marketing activity needs its own place on your calendar so it doesn’t get lost amidst everything else going on during any given week or month!

This includes anything from new product launches to campaigns to promotions and everything in between. You should also include any social media posts that need to be scheduled in advance so they don’t get forgotten about until the last minute.

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Marketing Calendar Template

Marketing calendars are a necessity for any company that wants to see results. The marketing calendar template helps you plan and organize your marketing activities, ensuring that you stay on track and don’t miss any important deadlines.

The best way to get started with creating your own marketing calendar is by using a premade template. There are many available online templates online on the Internet.

Marketing Sofware Calendar

Use a Marketing Calendar Software

Marketing calendar software is an essential tool for any business owner or marketer. It can help you plan out your content strategy and execute it on time, which will lead to better results for your business.

Here are a few things you should consider when choosing a marketing calendar software:

  • Does the platform have features that fit my needs? If you need to track multiple projects, then look for a solution that offers project management tools as well as task management capabilities. If you’re just getting started with social media marketing and would like some assistance from an expert in this area (or if there’s someone on your team who already knows their way around social media), then choose a platform with built-in training courses or other resources related specifically towards social media strategy planning and execution.
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  • Are the features easy to use? Most marketing calendar software platforms have a simple interface that’s easy to navigate, but some are more intuitive than others. If you’re new to using this type of tool and don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how it works, then choose one that has an intuitive user experience right out of the box.
  • How easy is it to connect with other systems? If you already have a CRM solution or e-commerce platform and need your marketing calendar software to integrate seamlessly, then look for one that offers integrations with popular platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Google Analytics. Do they offer support? You should expect most marketing calendar software solutions to offer some form of customer support, but some companies provide more extensive support than others (such as 24/7 customer service).

Ways to Make Your Marketing Calendar

Now that you are clear on the benefits of a marketing calendar, let’s see how to create one.

First, create a marketing calendar template in Excel or Google Sheets and fill it with all your activities for the next 4-6 weeks. You can add columns like campaign name, start date and end date so that it is easy to track whether each task has been completed or not. Make sure that all your team members have access to this document so that everyone stays updated about what needs to be done next week/month etc., and there are no delays in execution because someone forgot about an upcoming event or project deadline.

Secondly, use a marketing calendar software such as Crosscap which makes planning easier by allowing users to plan all their marketing initiatives in a single location., import existing data into these programs from spreadsheets like Google Sheets where they have been storing their ideas earlier. Crosscap also allows you to collaborate with your team members by keeping them up-to-date about every  planned initiative that needs to be completed.

A Marketing Calendar Helps You to Plan, Organize, and Track All Your Marketing Campaigns

You can use a marketing calendar to organize your marketing activities. You can also use it to track them. In fact, a good way to think of it is as a tool that helps you plan and organize your marketing activities so that they are easier for everyone involved in executing them–whether that’s employees or freelancers who work with you on projects–to follow along with at any given time during the year.


Marketing calendars are a great way to manage your marketing campaigns. They allow you to plan, organize, and track all of your marketing activities in one place. A marketing calendar can help you keep track of deadlines, budgets, and other important details so that nothing falls through the cracks!

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