6 Important Tips for Creating a Brand Story on Social Media

Each day, more and more users join one of the major networks, making social media marketing one of the most influential forms of marketing. This arena is perfectly ripe for intelligent startups to take full advantage and plant their seeds of persuasion.

 In order for a startup to find success online, they must create a brand story that resonates with the target audience and provides them with a sense of reliability.

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Below are six essential social media tips to help you create the best  brand story possible for your startup:

The brand comes first

Crafting a brand story is the most important marketing activity for a startup. Your brand voice is what will set you apart on social media.

This brand voice must be something that your target audience recognizes and understands.

Before you waste any money on ad spend:

  • Create a brand story
  • Keep it professional
  • Add personality

Your brand includes the way you reply to your customers on social media to social media recruiting strategies. Replying to every comment, answering every question, and having a polite attitude that reflects your company’s culture when hiring will definitely make your brand stronger day by day.

For example, if a potential candidate, let’s say a freelance developer, asks a question about a recent job posted on your Facebook page, make sure you answer and provide all the details he or she needs. A social media recruiting strategy and freelance developer hiring guide will be extremely helpful and will make this process easier, but effective.

Leverage microblogging

Content marketing is incredibly effective. However, it takes time, commitment, and skill. Therefore, creating content that resonates and raises your search rank is an investment instead of a quick return.

It’s money and time well spent, however, since it massively increases your authority, therefore increasing customer loyalty and the perception of quality.

Make engaging content

Content marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and, when combined with the right brand personality, can become a viral sensation.

Take “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” for example as an early viral sensation that quite literally professed a strong desire for Taco Bell. The same is true for video marketing, it is an incredibly powerful tool that directly leads to conversions given that the content isn’t generic material. To make high-quality video content, you can use an online video editor for editing your videos which contains pre-made templates, effects, music, transitions, etc. to make your work easy and video looks professional.

Conversations over conversions

Social media marketing is truly a part of content marketing. You’re creating microblogs, images, or video content. Therefore, the primary aim of social media marketing is to engage meaningfully. The conversion rate is, no doubt, still important.

But, we only want to convert from meaningful engagements. Meaningful engagement translates to more successful retargeting campaigns, more clout, and higher percentages of repeat business.

Customers only become fans if they are recognized as such by the startup and the brand itself. Supporting influencers and popular internet celebrities is a great way to build up your startup’s profile and act as a direct pathway to more exposure.

Integrate a CRM

Startups should work smart, concentrating on a single platform at a time. With the help of a CRM, your team can effectively leverage market data, build predictive behavior models, and analyze ongoing social media campaigns.

Make focused social media marketing decisions

By taking advantage of platforms like YouTube and TikTok your brand can reach an even larger number of viewers and bolster your marketing on the other platforms as well.

All of this marketing effort can go to waste, however, if the community you attract isn’t interacted with directly. That is to say that all startups survive the difficult parts of their existence through the continued support of their fans. The tone of your brand story is incredibly important in determining which types of customers you receive and which industry you ultimately fall into.

Functioning alongside the personality-driven brand should be endless pieces of content that draw interest to your industry and provide exposure to your brand. Using microblogging to profess ideas that attract users to your business is one of the better ways to drum up natural customers. Specialized and directed video campaigns that express the same brand voice can be used to fully flesh out your marketing campaign.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of these social media strategies will largely depend on the effectiveness of your marketing plan at large. A well-thought-out and researched plan will almost always outperform their peers. Social media marketing is the key for startups that unlocks the greater path to success.


Aston Rhodes is an experienced content creator and marketing expert from the software and website development company JatApp. Aston has been helping authors improve their blogs for over 5 years and turn this hobby into a business. She does research and discusses tech-related topics. She enjoys sharing her experiences with a like-minded audience and writes about software development, digital marketing, business, career, and more.

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