Deepest Lakes in New Zealand

1. Hauroko Lake

Hauroko Lake is the deepest lake in New Zealand and the 23rd deepest in the world. It is located in a mountain valley in Fiordland National Park and is 30 kilometres long and 63 square kilometres. The lake’s primary outflow is the Waliraurahiri River.
Region: Southland (South Island)
Depth: 462 meters

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2. Manapouri

The Manapouri Lake is the 2nd deepest in New Zealand and the 32nd deepest in the world, stretching across 142 square kilometres with a length of 28 kilometres and a height of 177 metres above sea level. Lake Manapouri is made up of 33 small islands.
Region: Southland (South Island)
Depth: 444 meters

3. Te Anau

Te Anau Lake, which is fed by many rivers (inflow) and is the source of the Waiau River (main outflow), is 65 kilometres long and covers an area of 344 kilometres squared at 210 metres above sea level. Te Anau is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and is home to numerous water species and vegetation.
Region: Southland (South Island)
Depth: 425 meters

4. Hawea

Lake Hawea, located in the Queenstown Lakes district, had a surface area of 141 km2 and a height of 348 meters. The lake is fed by Hunter Lake, and the Hawea River is the main outflow. The lake’s coast is beautiful, and it is home to rare species.
Region: Otago Region, South Island
Depth: 392 meters

5. Wakatipu

Wakatipu Lake is 75 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide, with an area of 289 kilometers and an elevation of 310 meters above sea level. It is fed by the Dart and Rees rivers and has an outflow from the Kawarau River. Pig Island, Pigeon Island, Tree Island, and Hidden Island are among the islands that make up the archipelago.
Region: Otago Region, South Island
Depth: 380 meters

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