9 Deepest lakes in Asia

Asia is the continent with major countries and has thousands of huge rivers and water bodies. Russia is the largest country in the world, and owns many lakes that largest and deeper. The continent holds 49 countries in 44.5 million square kilometers. The deepest lakes are Natural that exists from thousands of years, and the deepest is the maximum depth of the lakes. The Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and Asia at the depth of 1,637 meters from the surface located in Siberian region.
Lake Baikal

List of Deepest lakes in the Continent of Asia

RankNameCountryRegionDepth (meters)Depth (feet)
1Baikal RussiaSiberia1,6375,369
2Caspian Sea  Iran,  Russia,  Turkmenistan,  Kazakhstan,  Azerbaijan1,0253,363
3Issyk Kul  Kyrgyzstan6682,192
4Matano  IndonesiaSulawesi5901,936
5Toba  IndonesiaSumatra5051,657
6Sarez  Tajikistan5051,657
7Van Turkey4511,480
8Poso  IndonesiaSulawesi4501,476
9Tazawa  JapanAkita Prefecture4231,387
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