8 Tallest Volcanic Mountains in the World

Volcanic Mountains are basically active in the core of the Mountains, many of the tallest mountains and small individual islands are formed by the huge Volcanism thousands of years ago. The Volcanic Mountains keeps heat activity hundreds of years and come to calm with little bit of smock on the top, for example Kilimanjaro and Mount Fuji are the Popular Mountains and Tallest Mountain in its region is also formed by the huge volcanic eruptions.

The Following List of the Top Volcanic Mountains assessed by the Total height and that formed by the Volcanism.

source: http://www.flickr.com


Name of River



1 Ojos de Salado 6685 m Argentina
2 Guallatiri 6060 m Chile
3 Lotopaxi 5897 m Equador
4 Lascar 5641 m Chile
5 Tupungatito 5640 m Chile
6 Popocatepeti 5451 m Mexico
7 Nevado del Ruiz Colombia 5400 m
8 Sangay 5230 m Ecuador
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